Using Dash as an end-of-class activity

EP Dash is a great way to end a class. It will give your students a fun and interactive activity at the end of the lesson to see how much they have learned. 

Start by assigning a Task (from Discover, Library, or the Tasks tab).

Follow the first three steps as prompted when setting up a new task. Under Options, you'll see a setting for Dash.

Dash is enabled by default. Students will be able to access Dash once they have finished a lesson in the Task.

Click Assign to assign the work.

Students will be asked up to 10 random questions from the Smart Lesson they've just completed, or up to 20 translation questions that they will need to answer as quickly as they can. 

The main menu for EP Dash

Students will lose a life (rocket) for each question they get wrong, plus they'll be asked that question again at the end of the Dash; run out of lives and it's game over!

A student's time won't be submitted to the scoreboard if they run out of lives.

Play Dash with your students!

When setting a Task for your students to complete, assign it to the Staff class also. Then, click on the link to the task in the Details tab and open the lesson as a student. Complete the lesson and unlock Dash!

Giving students a head start is advised in order to keep things exciting!

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