Locking an Assessment

If students are completing an assessment over multiple lessons, you may want to pause it at the end of a session and resume it at the beginning of the following session. 

You can also pause an assessment if unexpected circumstances arise while your students are sitting it. Let's explore!

Locking an assessment for multiple students

Our Lock feature will pause the assessment and lock students out until you choose to unlock it again. 

To activate this feature, navigate to the Assessments tab of your dashboard and click into your chosen Assessment.

Click into the Monitor tab. You'll see the option to Lock the assessment near the top of the feed. Click this button, and then confirm when prompted.

individual lock button

Once you have locked the assessment, a red lock icon will appear next to all students. 

The button to Lock the assessment will be replaced with an Unlock option. Click this button whenever you need to make the assessment accessible again.

The Lock feature will remember how long your students have already been in the assessment for. This means that when you unlock the assessment, your students will be able to return to exactly where they left off with the exact same time remaining.

Locking an assessment for an individual student

Locking an assessment for an individual student can be useful if a student is unable to complete the assessment after beginning it in class, for example, they experience technical issues. 

Click the desired student's name in the Monitor section of the assessment and then click the Lock button.

You will be prompted to confirm locking the assessment. Click Lock.

lock individual

Once locked, the student's name will appear in the red Locked section, and the option to Unlock will appear. Click this whenever you are ready to enable access again.

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