Getting your learners set up with EP for Home

With an EP for Home subscription, each of your children receives an individual learner account. It's important to get them logged in and practicing lessons as soon as possible!

Logging in

After you've registered for an EP for Home subscription, EP will automatically send your learner(s') login details in an email.

Students should complete their work on their individual accounts. This is how EP tracks work and creates progress reports. Work done through the parent account will not be recorded correctly.

What devices can you use? 

An EP Student account works on any device!

  • Log in through a computer (Your computer or theirs.).
  • Download our iOS App for iPad or iPhone.
  • Download our Android App for other tablets and devices.

Expired login details

Login details provided in the email above expire after 7 days. Reset them easily from your parent account by following our guide here.

Getting started for learners

When learners log in to EP, they'll arrive at their Student Zone. To change which subjects they have pinned, click Add or remove subjects.

Upon clicking the Tasks and Assessments tab, learners will be able to view anything that has been assigned to them by you; the parent/teacher.

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