Getting Started with EP for Home for Parents

Welcome to EP for Home! This article covers the key features of your subscription, and how to get up and running.

Logging in

After you've registered for an EP for Home trial, as a parent/tutor you'll be automatically logged into the EP platform. 

You'll also receive an email confirming your subscription, and your learner's credentials. 

Learner login details example

Students should complete their work on their individual accounts. This is how EP tracks work and creates progress reports. Work done through the parent account will not be recorded correctly.

What devices can you use to access EP for Home? 

Learners can use:


For full reporting and monitoring capabilities, parents and educators should log in through a computer.

Expired login details

Student login details provided in the welcome email expire after 7 days. Reset them easily from your parent/educator account by following our guide here.

Exploring your dashboard

Content Library

All available content for your selected curriculum is found within the Content tab, including all available year levels.

If you wish to access content for a different curriculum, we can enable this for you. Contact us for assistance.

You can browse through the available subjects, and click through different scaffolded folders to see the lessons. Yours might look a little bit different, depending on your selected curriculum.

Click the Preview button to view the contents of a specific lesson. Here you can:

  • Click on and view each slide of the lesson.
  • Click the three dots and then View as student to have a go at the lesson yourself.
  • Click the Assign button, and assign the lesson straight to your learner(s).

We've created lesson outlines to help you locate the most relevant lessons, which can be used as checklists. Download them here!

Learn more about assigning work to learners here.

Creating additional classes and learner accounts

Your EP for Home subscription covers access for up to 5 learners. Learn how to create new accounts and set up separate classes for learners using our guide here.

Getting started for learners

When learners log in to their EP account, they'll see different options than parents and educators.

Check out the Getting Started with EP for Home for learners guide that explains the different areas of the Student Zone, and how learners can get started.

Subscription Information

For information about managing your EP for Home subscription, check out our article.

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