Downloading our Homeschool Learning Plans

For each key subject on EP, we have Learning Plans available to help you plan and organise your learner’s workload.

Download our Learning Plans

You can download our Learning Plans by clicking the relevant link below. Each file contains plans for all available subjects for that year level.

The files below also contain editable versions of the plans. Many of our homeschooling parents find it helpful to use these to 'tick off' tasks as their learners complete them, helping them to keep track of progress.

Region/Curriculum Year/Grade Level
USA Elementary
Middle School
High School

How to use our Learning Plans

Our Learning Plans outline all the required lessons for each subject each year. Use the plans as a guide - print them out and cross off lessons as you set them as Tasks.

Follow our outlines from the top to bottom setting about 2-3 hours of lessons per core subject each week via the Tasks tab.

The order of lessons directly matches the layout of lessons in the content library! 

GIf showing how to assign lessons and how they correlate to learning plans

Estimated time

Each lesson also has an estimated time to complete. EP calculates this automatically by averaging the time that real students have spent on that specific lesson. 

Note that this can fluctuate slightly, and your learner(s) may need more or less time depending on their skill level. 

Lesson outline example showing estimated time

Planning your learner's workload

Use the estimated time to measure how long to allow your learner to complete lessons on EP, and then assign work as required. Use our guide to help assign work and plan your day on EP.

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