Stop Tasks showing as overdue

If you've set a Task and allowed late submission, the Task will eventually show as overdue. You can instead show the Task has finished.

Set up your Task differently

Stop a new Task from showing as overdue by setting it up differently: 

  • In the When? section, untick the box Allow late submission for the following week.

This will ensure that the due date closes the Task. Learners will no longer be able to access it. Parents will still be able to access and view the Task.

Fix current Tasks

If the Task already exists, you can stop it from showing as overdue.

  1. Navigate to the Task. Click the Details tab.
  2. Click the Change Dates button.
  3. Untick Allow late submission for the following week.
  4. Click Save Changes - all done!

If the Task's due date has been and gone, you will also need to update the end date to today in order to save your changes. If you get stuck, contact us for further assistance.

Change dates of an existing task

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