Expo School Discoveries: Change that Connects Communities

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Offered by Education Perfect in collaboration with the Expo School Programme, Change that Connects Communities is the third and final online inter-school competition in the Expo School Discoveries event series. 

In previous competitions, students have extensively explored the Expo 2020 Dubai sub-themes of Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity.  They have unpacked important issues impacting society and explored innovative solutions. 

For this final competition, students will be asked to submit their own solutions and innovative ideas to help future communities be more connected, wherever they may be in this world - or even further into the Solar System! 

The Expo Discovery resources include general knowledge lessons looking at the history of Expo and the upcoming Expo2020 Dubai.  In addition, teachers will also find a range of interactive resources from Humanities, Geography, Science and Digital Technologies in support of the Expo 2020 Dubai sub-themes; Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity.

When is the 'Change that Connects Communities' competition? 

This exciting event will run from 9th January (8am) - 27th January (8pm) - Dubai time. 'Change that Connects Communities' is the third inter-school competition with our online series; Expo School Discoveries.

For this event, students will be asked to submit their solution to a specific problem within the theme of ' Connecting Communities in the Future'. The final submission can either be an infographic, poster, PowerPoint presentation, two-minute video or animation. 

Students can submit an individual or group response. Responses must be uploaded on the EP platform by 8pm 27th January (Dubai time). 

Who can take part?

All schools are warmly invited to join, though the content of this event is best suited to students in Years 5-9/Grades 4-8.

Please note that participation in competition 3 is not limited to schools who took part in the previous two Expo School Discoveries inter-school competitions - entry is open to newly interested schools too! 

How much does it cost to enter?

Registration and participation in this event is completely free

How does the competition work?

An exciting range of interactive and engaging resources created by the Expo School Programme and Education Perfect will allow students to explore the Expo 2020 Dubai sub-themes of Sustainability, Opportunity and Mobility . All activities are designed to be completed independently, without the need for any prior teaching or preparation.

The first stage of the competition is an internal class activity. Teachers will need to assign the specific lessons to the relevant students. Click here for a help guide on how to assign a task. 

Students will then have until the 26th of January to complete their submission. Teachers are then required to submit their top entry from each school to content@educationperfect.com to compete against other finalists across the world. 

Teachers should select their top entry based on use of language, development of ideas, creativity and how well the student/s address the topic. 

In order to be considered for the overall prizes, the top entries from each school need to be submitted before 8pm 27th of January (Dubai time).

Students will be able to access all of the accompanying activities within the “Expo 2020 | Discovering Expo” content folder at least 1 week before the event begins. They can complete these activities either via the EP app, or through the Education Perfect on Google Chrome. 

How do I register my students?

Click HERE to register for the competition - you won't be able to participate without completing this step. 

You'll also need to ensure your students are enrolled on the EP platform. Please click here for more information on how to enrol students. Please note, students must be enrolled on the EP platform to be able to participate.  

How can I support my students?

The best way to support your students is to familiarise them with the EP platform before the event, and to support them as they work on their submissions. 

Students can independently access and complete the Expo School Programme activities during the event. Teachers can also direct students to particular activities to complete for the competition by setting teacher-assigned tasks.

If you'd like some tips on how to help prepare your students and/or how to assign some practice tasks on EP, please book in a call with one of our team. You can find our booking links here!

My students already have EP accounts - what do I need to do?

You're nearly ready to go! Simply ensure you're registered for the competition. You do not need to re-enrol your students.

Can I enrol additional students, just for the competition?

Yes, you are welcome to enrol additional students free of charge for the event!   For more information on how to set up your classes, click here.

Student Prizes & Certificates: 

Student Certificates: The students who place 1st, 2nd & 3rd will receive a personalized digital certificate from EP. We will email the certificates once the results have been finalized. 

School Prizes: 

  • The Expo Schools Programme will award the top UAE school (by highest average score) with a prize. Please note the details of the prize are to be confirmed by The Expo Schools Programme. 
  • The top school will also be awarded a personalized digital badge which can be added to their school website.

Please note the top school will be awarded to the school with the highest average score. 

Promotional Resources:

To promote this exciting event amongst your school community, here are some handy resources: 

Please find the social Media tile here!

Download & Share this ‘Competition Tips for Students’ flyer with your class.

To be able to participate in this year's Expo School Discoveries event series, you must be REGISTERED AND your students will need to be enrolled on the EP platform. For help with the enrolment process, or to ask any questions, please don't hesitate to reach us at: global@educationperfect.com.

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