Which question types can I use in each Smart Lesson section?

Different Smart Lesson sections have different capabilities, which influence which types of questions can be used with them.

The table below shows each question type in Education Perfect, and which  sections they can be used in, indicated as follows:

Icon Support level
Fully supported
Possible, but not recommended. For example, the marking for automatically-marked questions can be overridden in Extended Response sections, so students could mark themselves as correct even if they made a mistake.
- Not supported. Putting these types of questions into a section may lead to data loss or other issues.


Extended Response


Skill Mastery

Multi-Choice - -
Fill in the blanks - -
Short Answer - -
Text Highlighting - -
Drop-down - -
Working Formula - -
Long Answer - - -
Scratchpad - - - -
Voice Recorder - - - -
File Uploader - - - -
Translation - - - -
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