EP International Competitions: An Introductory Guide

This article is a quick guide to our Education Perfect international student competitions. 

What types of competitions does Education Perfect run? 

Since 2008, Education Perfect has offered engaging online student competitions through the Education Perfect platform. 

We have 3 main types of competitions: 

  • Points-based: Students complete interactive content and answer questions on the EP platform to earn points.
  • Submission-based: Students submit original work (like a design, poster, video, or essay) through the EP platform to be judged. 
  • Assessment-based: Students complete monitored assessments on the EP platform. 

We strive to offer an interesting variety of competitions each academic year and regularly introduce new competitions to our schedule. Some of our competitions are focused on student participation and engagement; others are more academically rigorous. Some of our events are global and include a large number of schools from Australia and New Zealand; others are focused on international schools only. 

What subjects are included? 

Each year we run a range of different types of competitions for English, EAL/ESL, Math, Science and Languages. 

How much does it cost to participate in an EP competition? 

  • For the 2023-24 calendar year, participation in EP student competitions is free for all international schools that subscribe to EP. 
  • Selected schools may receive exclusive invites to competitions, including free registration, from their regional EP teams. 
  • Some events do require a commitment to trial the Education Perfect platform before qualifying for event registration. 
  • Some schools (that have participated extensively in Education Perfect competitions before) may be asked to cover participation costs by paying a competition licence fee. This will be clearly communicated to these schools by their regional Teacher Consultant.

What student events are running in 2023-24? 

  • You can find a list of all upcoming international student competitions here - this is also the place to register for upcoming events.

How do I get my students involved? 

You will need to do two things to participate in any type of Education Perfect competition:

  1. Officially register for the event. (Don't have access to a registration link? Get in touch via email global@educationperfect.com)
  2. Enrol your students on the EP platform (they won't be able to take part otherwise).

As a teacher, how can I best support my students who are involved in an EP competition? 

None of our competitions require any pre-teaching and most require minimal (if any) involvement from the class teacher. 

However, you can support your students by:

  • Communicating information about the upcoming event with your students and getting them excited; 
  • Ensuring your students are registered and enrolled, and that they know how to log into Education Perfect; 
  • Preparing your students by assigning them related tasks before the event/s begin; 
  • Cheering them on during the competition and celebrating their successes! 

We also encourage teachers to promote Education Perfect competitions within their school communities to ensure maximum student involvement and engagement. Some teachers will put our official event posters around their school or classroom; others will also communicate information about the event via email and school newsletters. It is up to you! 

How can I keep track of my students' progress and achievements? 

  • Points-based: Each event will have an online 'scoreboard' where you'll be able to see points at a student, class and country level! This will be shared with you once you have registered, and you'll also have a mini scoreboard view on your EP homepage. Our scoreboards update in real-time and you can even 'cheer' your students with fun stickers during the competition! 
  • Submission-based: After the submission deadline is passed, entries will be judged and results will be shared with participating schools via email.
  • Assessment-based: As with our submission-based competitions, results will be shared via email. 

What are the competition rules?

You can read our standard rules, which apply to all Education Perfect international competitions, here. 

We encourage all students and teachers taking part in any of our events to read these carefully before participating.

Does Education Perfect offer prizes and/or certificates? 


  • We offer student prizes to top-placing students; these vary depending on the size and nature of each competition. 
  • We offer digital badges to top-placing schools, based on the highest average points. These can be displayed on their school website or department/faculty web pages to celebrate their achievement.
  • We also offer certificate templates for all participating students and personalised digital certificates for top-scoring students. These are distributed to teachers and can be printed and presented as hard copies, or distributed to students via email. 

If you have any questions about our Education Perfect international student competitions, please don't hesitate to reach us at global@educationperfect.com. 

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