EP Humanities Benefits

This article provides an overview of some of the key benefits of using EP Humanities. 

Curriculum Alignment
  • Extensive library provides 1000s of engaging resources across History, Geography, Civics (Aus) and Economics
  • Aligns to Australian Curriculum Years 7-10, NZC Level 5 and various International curricula
  • Alignment for individual Australian States
  • Numerous additional engaging resources including literacy resources and assessments
Save Precious Time
  • Reduce preparation and planning time with 1000s of pre-built engaging, curriculum-aligned lessons and assessments
  • Reduce Marking Time - Automatic marking of lessons
  • Reduce Marking Time - Automatic marking of assessments
  • Reduce Reporting Time - Range of detailed reports can be generated and filtered
  • Reduce time to differentiate for individual students
  • Export all lesson and assessment data with the click of a button
  • Export all student papers with the click of a button
Increase Engagement
  • Lessons include interactive elements, graphics, images, animations, videos, automatically marked question and immediate feedback
  • Lessons are multi-modal
  • DASH gamification - all lessons can be gamified on completion of the lesson
  • Live monitoring and tracking
  • Competitions run each term or teachers can create their own
Easy and Automatic Differentiation
  • Easily assign different tasks to individual students
  • Easily assign different sections of the same lesson/task to different students
  • Teachers can assign any lesson from any topic or year level to any student
  • Easily customise any lesson/task
  • Assessments will auto-allocate next steps and tasks to individual students
  • Accessibility features to support students such as Text-To-Speech and hand writing recognition

Immediate Feedback

  • Students are provided with immediate feedback as they work through each lesson
  • Students are provided model answers to questions
  • Students are provided explanations of key terminology and cognitive verbs
  • Teachers can provide written or audio feedback
  • Students can provide peer-feedback
  • EP supports numerous approaches and settings - home, school, remote learning, blended, hybrid, synchronous, asynchronous
  • Use it as a homework tool, student self-study tool, revision, assessment, in-class activities, flipped classroom 
  • Learn anytime, anywhere - just need a device and internet connection
  • Customise and Contextualise any resource
Creation, Customisation and Contextualisation
  • Customise any lesson
  • Customise any lesson so it suits your specific context and students
  • Create any lesson, literacy or assessment task you need
  • Create folders and organise lessons into the order you need
Detailed Diagnostics
  • Numerous pre-built diagnostic assessments to inform practice
  • Teachers can customise all diagnostic assessments
  • Teachers can easily create their own diagnostic assessments
  • Use the EP Analysis Tagging system to create any diagnostic assessment
Detailed Data Provision
  • Track student progress and completion - including strengths and areas for further development
  • Live-monitoring and tracking
  • All lessons and assessments provide detailed data to support learning conversations and reporting
  • All data on lessons and assessments can be export to a CSV file with the click of a button
  • All assessment papers can be exported as a PDF in the click of a button
  • Compare assessment data

Support Positive Learning Outcomes and Growth

  • All lessons are scaffolded
  • All lessons move students through knowledge acquisition and understanding to application
  • All lessons provide immediate feedback, explanations and model answers to students
  • Lessons and assessments identify gaps in knowledge and skills
  • Assessments automatically recommend next steps for students
  • Tracks student progress - strengths and areas for further development
  • All lessons and assessments automatically provide detailed data to inform learning conversations, differentiation and inform practice
  • Humanities resources include multiple activities to support literacy and numeracy
  • Lessons include specific literacy strategies
  • Lessons support the Learning for Mastery Model and questions will be repeated and reinforced until students answer correctly.

Pedagogical Alignment

  • EP is flexible - it can be used in numerous ways to support many different pedagogical approaches
  • Lessons have been designed with multiple pedagogies in mind e.g. Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction, Th eLearning for  Mastery Model of Education, Visible Learning Strategies, Assessment for Learning, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Solo Taxonomy, Project Based Learning - to name just a few
Assessments To Fit Your Needs
  • Run any type of assessment you need - formative and/or summative 
  • Identify individual students and cohort strengths, areas for further development and identify any common misconceptions
  • Automatically assign next steps and recommended tasks for individual students
  • Compare assessment data 
  • Students can perform self-assessments


  • EP Humanities is guided by a team of experienced Humanities teachers and experts
  • Resources are built in consultation with external experts and consultants
  • In-House team of Humanities experts in content creation team
  • Regularly reviewed content
Unlimited Teacher Support
  • 24/7 Support Team - get help anytime, anywhere
  • Qualified Teacher team to provide PD
  • All PD from EP is always free
  • Have PD for your team or come to one of our regular community PDs
  • All PDs are bespoke and will be tailored to your needs
  • EP integrates with many LMS - e.g. Canvas, Schoolbox, Google Classroom
  • EP integrates with SSO
  • Make it easier for students and staff to navigate lesson platforms by integrating EP into your existing LMS and SSO
  • EP app for iOD and Android
  • Web application
  • Access EP anytime and anywhere
  • Use EP Studio to easily embed other programs, web applications and resources into lessons e.g. PDFs, PowerPoints, Forms, Web Tools.
Resource/Budget Consolidation
  • Consolidate multiple e-learning or digital resources - many schools purchase different online products for each subject. 
  • Less online resources to manage for teachers, students and IT support staff
  • Save money with less IT resources to purchase and manage 
  • Increase teacher and student expertise on one platform with fewer platforms to learn
  • Reduce ongoing costs of multiple platforms
  • Reduce troubleshooting issues with less platforms to manage
  • Save money and time with less teacher PD required with fewer resources
  • Save printing costs as EP is all digital
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