Why can't I record my voice on Education Perfect?

Learn how to ensure that your device can record your voice in Education Perfect.

There are several reasons you might not be able to record your voice in Education Perfect: 

  • You haven't given us permission to record your voice
  • Your microphone isn't working
  • Your browser doesn't support voice recording


You might not have given us permission to record your voice

For privacy reasons, apps and websites that want to record your voice need to ask your permission. In many cases, if you say no once, we're not able to ask again, and you'll have to manually allow recording. If we don't have permission to record your voice, when you click record a notification will appear that says ' Can't access the microphone'.

To resolve this, you need to grant Education Perfect permission to use the microphone. The steps for this differ from one browser to another, and are detailed below:

Google Chrome

Full instructions for enabling your microphone can be found on Chrome's support website

Android App

Managing Android permissions differ between devices and Android version. Instructions for the newest version of Android can be found here.

iPad App

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Go to Privacy, then select Microphone
  3. Turn on the switch beside EP. 

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click the microphone at the top left of the screen, beside the back button.
  2. Select the microphone you want to record from, then click Share Selected Device.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge doesn't have a permanent setting to allow access to the microphone for a website, which means that you will need to grant permission every time you use Education Perfect. If you deny access to the microphone, refreshing the page will cause the prompt to display again. 


Safari 10 and earlier versions require Adobe Flash Player to record your voice. Apple does not pre-install Flash on their devices, so you will need to download it from the Adobe website

Once Flash Player is installed, Safari will still disable it by default. To allow the voice recorder to work anytime you use Education Perfect, click the  Click here to download Flash Player link, then click Use Every Time.

You may also need to give permission for Adobe Flash Player to record your voice. Tick  Remember and then click Allow.

Your microphone might not be working

If we have access to the microphone, but can't hear anything through it, we'll display a notification saying  No audio input is being detected.

To fix this, make sure your microphone isn't muted, and that you have the correct microphone selected for recording. For example, if you have a headset plugged in, make sure you're using it instead of your computer's microphone. 

Your browser might not support voice recording

Different web browsers have different levels of support for recording audio. Below is a list of browsers and whether recording is supported:

Full, Automatic Support
Supported using Adobe Flash Player
Not supported
Google Chrome Microsoft Internet Explorer Safari (on iPads)
Mozilla Firefox Safari 10 and older (on Macs)
Safari 11 and up (on Macs)
Microsoft Edge
Legacy Language Perfect iPad/iPhone App
Education Perfect iPad App
Legacy Language Perfect Android Phone App
Android Tablet App You may want to use a different browser to record your voice in Education Perfect which will automatically support recording.

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