Voiceless FAQ

Encouraging Australian students to think critically about important animal protection issues.

What is Voiceless?

Voiceless is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes animal rights education for schools. They work to educate and inspire the next generation of changemakers to think critically and enact positive change for the welfare of animals.

Education Perfect have partnered with Voiceless to release digital Animal Protection Education (APE) modules. These challenge students to explore the human-animal relationship, while weaving in relevant outcomes for the Australian Curriculum in Science. 

The modules are developed by teachers, for teachers, and include videos, podcasts, fact sheets, student worksheets, teacher guides and cross-curricular lessons.

Does it cost?

These resources are free for students across Australia and New Zealand.

What content is available?

The following modules and lessons are now free on the EP Platform. Please also refer to the below for curriculum alignment: 

  • Module 1: Dolphins in Captivity
    • Lesson 1: Human Impacts on Dolphins (Science, Year 7)
    • Lesson 2: What’s Behind the Dolphin Smile? (English, Year 7)
    • Lesson 3: Attitudes Towards Dolphins in Captivity (Science, Year 7)
    • Lesson 4: Dolphins! The Heroes of Ancient Greece (History, Year 7)
    • Lesson 5: Dolphin Captivity; Does the End Justify the Means? (Geography, Year 10)
    • For further detail on these lessons, please refer to this document.
  • Module 2: Trading Animals
    • Lesson 1: Trading Animals: The Great Debate (English, Year 10)
    • Lesson 2: The Power of the Picture (Visual Arts, Year 10)
    • Lesson 3: Ammonia – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Science, Year 10)
    • Lesson 4: Trading Animals and Geographical Issues (Geography, Year 9)
    • Lesson 5: Citizenship in Action (Civics and Citizenship, Year 9)
    • For further detail on these lessons, please refer to this document.
  • Module 3: Animals: Property or Persons?
    • Lesson 1: A Person by Any Other Name?  (Civics and Citizenship, Year 7)
    • Lesson 2: Seeing the World Through Their Eyes  (English, Year 9)
    • Lesson 3: The Legal Status of Animals (Geography, Year 10)
    • Lesson 4: Measuring Animal Cognitive Capacities  (English, Year 10)
    • Lesson 5: Animals: Property or Persons? (Geography, Year 10)
    • For further detail on these lessons, please refer to this document.
  • Module 4: Factory Farming 
    • Lesson 1: All About Chickens (Science, Year 7) 
    • Lesson 2: How are Chickens Raised in Australia (Arts, Year 9-10) 
    • Lesson 3: Animal Products: Designing Future Alternatives 
    • Lesson 4: Do Laws Project or Facilitate Animal Cruelty (Civics and Citizenship, Year 9) 
    • For further detail on these lessons, please refer to this document.

How do I access Voiceless’ Animal Protection Education resources?

Once you have a teacher account, you can log in to the EP platform and access the  Animal's & Us folder in the Content Library. Voiceless content is located in the Cross-Curricular subject area. 

If you don’t have an EP account, you can request access to a teacher account here.

Our school blocks YouTube, how can I access the video material?

Content filtering software used by schools normally has an exceptions list, which allows schools to make exceptions for specific links which would otherwise be blocked. This list allows a specific list of URLs to be visited by students, while still enforcing the overall restriction on YouTube. 

A full list of the YouTube links used on Education Perfect can be downloaded here. Your IT administration team should be able to grant students access to the listed URLs for you. 

How do I add my students?

You can enrol your classes by following the instructions in our help guide: How do I enrol my classes on Education Perfect? If your school uses a Student Management System, you can export your class lists to send them directly through to us. Instructions on how to do this with MUSAC Edge can be found here. For other Student Management Systems, get in touch with your SMS admin for instructions.

If you have any further questions about Voiceless or Education Perfect, feel free to get in touch with us or visit the Voiceless website.

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