EP Global Learning Festival

The EP Global Learning Festival 2021

Running from 8-12 March 2021, EP's Global Learning Festival is an exciting 5-day event aimed at middle school students around the world. It aims to encourage engagement and learning within English, Mathematics and Science through friendly competition and an array of fun, interactive learning activities.  

When is the Global Learning Festival?

The Challenge will be open from Monday the 8th of March (8am SGT / 7am ICT) until Friday the 12th of March (8pm SGT / 7pm ICT) 2021 and involves English, Maths and Science.

Students can choose to participate on one, two or all of the days. 

Who can get involved?

The EP content included in the challenge is best suited to learners in Years 7-9/Grades 6-8 (approximate ages 11-14) so this is the age group we’re recommending. However, younger and older learners may also enjoy the challenge, and are very welcome to take part! 

How much does entry cost?

Entry to the competition is completely free! You just need to ensure you register here.

How do students take part? 

Students simply log into EP, and complete any of the online, interactive English, Maths and/or Science topics and activities included in the competition. They can choose to complete activities from 1, 2 or all 3 subject areas.

To get log-in details, your students will need to be enrolled on the EP platform (if they aren't already). You can do this by following this simple guide. 

How does the competition ‘work’? 

Students earn points for every correct answer, regardless of lesson difficulty or subject. The more questions they complete, the more points they earn! 

At the end of the 5-day event, there will be prizes to celebrate the most engaged students and schools. We will also offer participation certificate templates for schools to populate and distribute if they wish. 

What type of lessons will students complete? 

Students will have access to a range of our carefully curated EP lessons for English, Mathematics and Science. They can choose to do activities from one, two or all 3 of these subjects.

All lessons include interactive components, instant feedback and model answers. This helps to ensure students are continually learning, regardless of academic ability or current attainment levels. 

What content will be included? 

Our specialist English, Maths and Science teams  here at EP have carefully curated a range of topics designed to be both enjoyable and engaging for students in Years 7-9/Grades 6-8. 

Each topic contains a number of interactive lessons with a variety of question types, instant feedback & model answers (where appropriate). As a teacher, you could either guide your students toward particular topics - or let them independently choose what content to engage with! 

The topics are as follows:

English Mathematics Science 
Junior Shakespeare Studies Applications of Maths Forces in everyday life
Digital Citizenship -  Evaluating Media  Mean, mode, median range Types of cells
Digital Citizenship - Fake News  Problem Solving Microorganisms & Disease
History of the English Language Real world investigations Structure & Properties of Matter
Language Features  Mathematical Skills: Patterns Energy in Systems
Types of Communication  Algebra Skills Space & Orbiting Bodies
Sentence Structures & Grammar Geometry and Trigonometry: Transformations and Symmetry Global Events & Earth Cycles
Punctuation Algebra: Graphs Chemistry in Society
Word Types Measurement: Length and Perimeter Genetics
  Problem Solving - Challenge Exercises Interactions in Ecosystems
As a teacher, where can I find this content? 

As teacher, log into EP and open up the 'Content Library'. Choose your chosen subject - English & Literature, Maths or Science - and look for the ' Global Learning Festival' folder within the Featured section of each subject. You can then click on any lesson to preview it! 

How do students find the Global Learning Festival content? 

Students simply log into EP, and click on the ‘Competitions’ tab on their student homepage. They will then be able to see the ‘Global Learning Festival’ button. 

When the Festival begins, they will see a green 'Compete' button. 

By clicking on this, they will be able to view the English, Maths and/or Science topics and activities included in the event, and choose which ones they'd like to complete. They can complete activities from 1, 2 or all 3 subject areas.

Please note that students won't earn points for any Festival content completed outside of the 8-12 March event window. 

How long will this take? 

Students can spend as little or as much time taking part in the Festival as they wish - though access to the competition is capped at 8 hours per student per day. 

You might choose to integrate the event into your lessons, or you could encourage students to participate for homework. It’s designed to be flexible, so your students can participate in a way that works for you.

How should my students prepare? 

They don’t need to prepare anything, as they can choose to do the topics/lessons that interest them. All correct answers earn the same amount of points, regardless of difficulty, making this an inclusive event suitable for all learners. 

How can I support my students?

Simply encourage them to get involved! All EP activities are designed to be completed independently, so you won’t need to prepare any additional lessons. 

The best way to support them is to help them to log onto EP, keep an eye on the scoreboard, and cheer them on! 

Who else will be participating?

The Festival is open to all international schools who would like to take part! If you have a colleague at another school who you think might be interested, feel free encourage them to register. 

You can keep an eye on other schools and students' progress via the Festival Scoreboard.

How can I promote this event to my students, fellow colleagues and educator network?

You can download the event poster here in pink, yellow, or blue

If you would like to share this event on your own online networks, feel free to download and share our social media tiles here ( pink, blue, yellow). Make sure to tag Education Perfect!

What prizes are available?

Prizes are based on engagement. All correct questions completed are worth the same amount of points, regardless of difficulty or challenge, ensuring that this event is inclusive for middle school students of all ability levels. 

  • There will be prizes for the top 3 students of each subject (Science, Maths, English). 

    1st place - $100 Amazon voucher 
    2nd place - $75 Amazon voucher 
    3rd place - $50 Amazon voucher 
  • There will be a trophy for the top school overall!

The teachers of the winning students and those from the winning schools will be notified via email in the week beginning 15 March 2021.

A reminder: to be able to participate in the Global Learning Festival, you must be registered AND your students will need to be enrolled on the EP platform. For help with the enrolment process, or to ask any questions, please don't hesitate to reach us at: global@educationperfect.com

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