Adding additional learners and classes to EP for Home

EP for Home subscriptions cover up to 5 learners at no extra cost. This article explains how you can add additional learners to your EP for Home subscription within your account. 

Start by logging in and selecting the Classes section of your Control Panel.

This tab shows all classes that are currently set up in your EP for Home subscription and the learner(s) within them.

Classes tab from EP4H account

Adding Classes

When you are set up with EP for Home, your first learner will be set up in a class already, and you can view this in the Classes tab.

You have the freedom to set up any configuration of classes on EP for Home. There is no extra cost for more classes.

  • Learners/students can be added to any number of classes.
  • Classes make it easy to segment data when you are assigning Tasks or Assessments or viewing data.
  • We suggest setting up separate classes for each of your learners; and/or setting up separate classes for each different subject that learners use on EP.

Here's how:

From the Classes tab, click Add a new Class. 

Enter a name for the class. This can be anything you like, but we suggest following a similar format for each class (E.g. English - Samuel, Math - Samuel) to make things easy to identify.

Select your Year level and Subject area. 

For EP for Home, the Year level will always be Tutoring.

Click Add Class to confirm.

add a new class dialogue

You're now taken to the class screen, and you can start to add your learners.

Made a mistake? No worries! You can always come back and edit class details.

Adding Learners

Find the class you want to add/remove the student(s) from. Your classes each have their own tile at the top of the page. Click the tile to view the class, or from the list below.

Click the Add Student button.

Enter the student's name. If the student already has an account, you can select the Add to Class button next to their name. If you're adding a new account, select Create a new student account

create a new student account button

Fill out any additional details for the student and click Add to Class.

add student to class button

  • If you have entered an email address, the learners will automatically receive an email inviting them to log in to EP and set a secure password.
  • If you have not entered an email address, the platform will give you the learner's login details in a popup. Note this down and pass it along to them, so they can log in!

For EP for Home, you must add a first and last name. Email address is optional, and Student ID is not required.

If you require any assistance with adding or removing learner accounts, please contact our support team who will be happy to assist.


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