International Maths Championships

The EP 2021-22 International Maths Champs are an online, assessment-based competition, suitable for Secondary/High School students. This guide contains some of the key information for the event, including competition structure, rules and prize information. Please note that, as this event is running in February 2022, some of the below details are subject to change. This guide will be continually updated to reflect any changes.

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Competition dates

This competition will run from 22-24 February 2022, and will comprise two rounds.

Round 1: Tuesday 22nd of February 2022
Finalists notified: Wednesday 23rd February 2022
Round 2: Thursday 24th of February 2021
Winners announced: Monday 1st of March 2022

Who can Enter?

This competition is suitable for Mathematics students in Years 7-13/Grades 6-12. 

This competition is split into three age categories: 

Age Group 1: Years 7-9/Grades 6-8
Age Group 2: Years 10-11/Grades 9-10
Age Group 3: Years 12-13/Grades 11-12

If you would like your students to compete, you will need to register. More guidance on how to register will be shared in early 2022.

Before the Competition 

  • To get started, you will need to upload your classes onto Education Perfect, if they don't already have accounts. More information can be found here.
  • You can find one practice paper for each age group in the 'International Maths Champs' folder within your EP Maths Content Library. These will become available at least a fortnight before the first round. 
  • We encourage teachers to assign at least one practice paper to their students in order to help them prepare for the competition. Instructions on setting an assessment can be found here.

Round 1: Qualifying Round 

Round 1 will involve a 45-minute long assessment, to be taken on the EP platform, under the conditions outlined below. 

There will be 3 assessments, one for each age category. Each assessment will contain a mix of standard mathematical questions and problem-solving challenges, and will be of a very similar format to the practice papers available before the event. 

The assessments will be automatically assigned to each student on the first day of the competition, and must be completed within a 12-hour window of the competition opening (to allow for multiple international timezones). 

After all students have submitted their assessments (before the end of the day of Tuesday 22 February), teachers should submit their top five student results  for each age group via a Google Form.

The top 20 students in each age group will be identified by the EP Mathematics team. These students will be invited to compete in a final round on the 24th of February. We will email the teachers of all those who qualify by Wednesday 23rd February.

Round 2: Finals 

Our Final Round will run on Thursday 24th February, with the top 20 students of each age-group category will be invited to take part. 

  • This round will involve a 75-minute competition paper, sat in the same way as the Round 1 paper.
  • The Final round paper will focus mainly on problem-solving
  • There will be a separate paper for each of the three age-group categories.

Winners of each year group will be notified on Monday 1st of March, via email to their teachers. 

Competition Rules: Teacher Guidelines  

  • The competition assessments, for both rounds, are to be done on student computers or tablets in test conditions, in silence, without any communication between students.
  • No mathematical vocabulary in the test can be read or explained to students.
  • Calculators can be used, as can paper and pen/pencil for working. No other equipment is allowed.
  • Strictly 45 minutes is allowed for the first round.
  • If a computer/laptop/network fault occurs, students should close the assessment window and come back to their test as soon as the problem is fixed. Their progress will be automatically saved. 
  • If an emergency or interruption occurs - e.g. fire alarm - please pause and exit the test and resume when possible. 
  • Teachers are expected to invigilate the competition assessment, with the aid of EP's live monitoring feed.

These rules are in addition to our standard Education Perfect competition rules, which we encourage all participants and teachers to read before taking part in this event.

Live Monitoring

  • This can only be set up after the competition assessment has been assigned. Please refer to the instructions above if you have not done this yet.
  • From the teacher dashboard, click on the Assessments tab up the top. 
  • In here you will see the assessment you assigned for the competition. This should be called Year 7-8 (or 9-10, 11-12) EP Maths Championship Assessment 1. Click on this.
  • On the right hand menu, you will see a “Monitor” tab, click on this.
  • Now you can monitor that the students are focused on their window, even if they are completing the paper remotely or at home. The legend at the bottom of the screen explains the different student statuses. Please investigate any students who are regularly showing the eyeball icon, which indicates that they have opened another window on their computer.

  • What certificates and prizes are available?

    Participating Students:
    EP will send certificate templates (via email) to all participating schools. These can be distributed to participating students via email, or printed and given as hard copies.

    Top-Scoring Students: EP will award personalized certificates & prizes for top-scoring students (1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each age group). 

    The overall top 3 students from each category will receive an official EP certificate as well as a gift voucher for Amazon (or local equivalent): 

    • 1st Place in each age category - $100 Amazon Voucher 
    • 2nd Place in each age category - $75 Amazon Voucher 
    • 3rd Place in each age category - $50 Amazon Voucher 

    Who else will be participating?

    The Festival is open to all international schools who would like to take part!   If you have a colleague at another school who you think might be interested, feel free encourage them to [REGISTER].

    You can keep an eye on other schools and students' progress via the [SCOREBOARD].

    How can I promote this event to my students & school community? 

    You can download the event poster here in [PINK, YELLOW or BLUE!].

    If you would like to share this event on your own online networks, feel free to download and share our social media tiles here ([PINK, YELLOW, BLUE]. Make sure to tag Education Perfect!

    To be able to participate in the 2021-22 International Maths Championships, your school must be [REGISTERED] for the event AND your students will need to be enrolled on the EP platform. For help with the enrolment process, or to ask any questions, please don't hesitate to reach us at:

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