Generating temporary passwords for new students

For any students that have been enrolled through EP’s Enrolment Portal and do not have email addresses, you are able to generate temporary passwords for those students to log in.

Navigate to the Classes section of your dashboard.

arrow pointing to classes tab

From here, your classes will be listed at the top of the page. To open one of your classes, simply click the name of the class. 

For classes taught by other teachers, you can select the class from under the All Classes heading.

Click on the generate passwords button.

generate passwords button example

You will see a confirmation dialogue indicating that you are about to:

  • Generate temporary passwords for any students who do not have email addresses.
  • Send an email to any additional students that have an email address attached to their account.

generate temp password dialogue

You can now download a spreadsheet containing the list of temporary passwords assigned to each student in your class. Once students have been given their temporary passwords by their teacher, they will be required to set a new, secure password upon their first log-in to EP.

Temporary passwords don't expire, so you can action this in advance if required!

For any assistance or for any questions, please contact our team.

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