Generating temporary passwords for new students

For students that have been enrolled through EP’s Enrolment Portal and do not have email addresses attached to their accounts, you are able to generate temporary passwords for those students to use to complete their first login.

Navigate to the Classes section of your Control Panel or directly click into a class from your homepage.

arrow pointing to classes tab

From Classes, your classes will be listed on a series of tiles at the top of the page. To open one of your classes, simply click either the name of the class or the View Class button. For classes taught by other teachers, you can select the class from under the All Classes heading.

class titles within the classes section

Click on the generate passwords button.

generate passwords button

You will see a confirmation dialogue indicating that you are about to generate temporary passwords for all of your students without email addresses, and send an email to any additional students you may have added after the EP-upload that may have email addresses.

pop-up box to generate passwords

You can now download a spreadsheet containing the list of temporary passwords assigned to each student in your class.

pop-up box to download passwords

Once students have been given their temporary passwords by their teacher, they will be forced to set a new, secure password upon their first log in to EP.

If you have any difficulty with these steps, you are more than welcome to email us at with the names of any users that are having trouble logging in and one of our Support staff will be more than happy to get them back into Education Perfect.

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