Hiding Unnecessary Content - Set up your learner's dashboard

Set up your Content Library so that only relevant content is shown to your learner(s) This allows them to work independently while ensuring that the lessons they are accessing are beneficial.

Navigate to the 1Content tab. 

arrow pointing to content tab

Click on the folder you wish to hide content in. In this case, we are starting with Science.

The same process can be applied to other subjects, not just Science!

subject selection within the content tab

Click the Edit button to switch views. 

button to click into edit mode

Right-click on the folder, and then click Hide from students.

hide from students option

Folders you have hidden will be greyed out and have a grey eye emoji so you can keep track. 

showing what folders look like within the content library when hidden

This action removes the folder from your learner's Content Library, leaving only relevant lessons.

view of content within the student zone

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