Where do I start with the EP content?

Our EP content is aligned to a number of different curricula, including the New Zealand, Australian, NSW, VIC, IB, UK National Curriculum, Cambridge and Common Core.

The following documents below give a general overview on what levels are suitable for different age groups for the NZ, NSW, and VIC curricula.
New Zealand

New South Wales

Aligning content to your Country and State's curriculum

When signing up for EP for Home, you will need to select what curriculum you would like your children to be working from. For each curriculum, we have a separate Content Library that arranges our folders and lessons differently to align with the curriculum selected. Selecting the right one allows you to navigate our content and assign tasks easily.

Download your state specific content outline HERE

To help you select the Content Library that best fits your school, we have created Content Maps for our main subject areas. These maps outline the folder structures for each curriculum’s Content Library, giving you a clear picture as to how we align with each curriculum.

If you would like to check which Content Library your family should be using, or add another curriculum to your school’s account, please get in touch with us at support@educationperfect.com

Finding content at the correct year level

When you open up the Content Library you can navigate to the desired subjects. Some of the base folders displayed will be sorted into year level such as those outlined below.

The example below is from the New South Wales Science curriculum.

Other curriculums will be sorted into their different topics.

The example below is taken from the New Zealand English curriculum.

For the folders that are sorted into topics, these will then be sorted into subtopics, and finally into each curriculum level. 

If at any stage you are unsure about where you should be starting with your children, every curriculum will have a Teacher Guide folder that will contain any curriculum maps that you need.

If you would like to prevent your children from accessing content outside their year level, you can do so by following the instructions in our help guide here.

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