Scheduling lessons for your learners

Use Tasks to assign EP content, and plan your day, week, or month

Finding content to assign 

For each key subject on EP, we have downloadable Lesson Outlines available to help you plan and organise your learner’s workload. 

These can be found within your account's Content Library, otherwise, find them in our article here.

Assigning your task

Once you have logged in to EP:

  1. Click on the Tasks tab, and then + Assign.

assign button in tasks tab

  1. Choose the Lesson option.

Lesson option

  1. Under Select classes and students, select your chosen class.
  2. Then, click on the Set dates section to select your start and end dates.
    1. You may want to focus on just the selected content in the morning, so set the task for between 10:00am - 11:00am or however long you like.

Important: Ensure Allow late submission for the following week is unticked! This will close Tasks on their due date, and stop them from staying active for longer.

Set dates section

  1. Under the
    1. Select the content you want your chosen class(es) to work on. For example to plan a morning of Math, navigate to the relevant Math unit.
      1. Please note you can only select lessons from the same topic per task. 
    2. Underneath the content, you will be able to see how long it will take to complete then add or remove content to fit with your schedule.

Select content section

time estimate when setting task

To learn more about what content we offer and how it aligns with your chosen curriculum, see our lesson outlines.

  1. Choose your optional settings under
    1. Dash is an optional built in game that turns lessons into a fun revision activity. You can find a full guide on how to best use Dash here.
    2. You also have options to enable email notifications and choose a specific Learning Method.

Options section

  1. Once you're ready, click Assign. All done!

After assignment

After assigning the task, you will be brought to the Details tab. Use this section to edit the dates, times, and content of your task. 

Details section in a task

Once your learner begins working on the Task, you'll be able to check on their progress whenever you need to.

Checking what's been assigned

There's a few ways to know what learners have already completed on EP!

  1. Clicking on the Tasks tab will bring up an outline of the current and upcoming tasks you have assigned.
    1. Use the filter at the top of the screen to see a record of past Tasks.
    2. The same applies to Assessments - click into the Assessments tab to see what's been completed!
      viewing old tasks
  2. Navigate to the Insights tab and then Task Completion report to view a full record of the tasks that have been worked on by your learner(s), including accuracy and progress.
    navigating to insights tab and then task completion report task completion report example in the insights tab
  3. When viewing lessons within the Content Library, you'll see a small note if you've previously assigned this work to your learner(s)! This can be helpful to ensure work isn't assigned twice.

Previously assigned note

For full information on EP's reporting capabilities, see our guide here!

Learner view

When your learner logs in, the task will appear under the Tasks & Assessments section. They'll be shown how long they have to complete the task.  

Our learner experience guide shows how students can access EP and the work you've set for them. 

Check out our video for an overview on how Smart Lessons work, and what they look like from a learner's perspective.

tasks and assessments section in the student zone

Simply complete the steps in the Assigning a Task section with different content and different dates/times to plan ahead.

To plan the week, make sure you set all tasks to start on Monday morning but finish on the day/time you want the task to be completed.

For example, if you want your learner to focus on English on a Wednesday morning: Set the task to start at 9:00am on a Monday but set the task to finish at midday Wednesday.

Planning your day like this will make all work available to your learners, but will segment it into days as seen below.

tasks and assessments section of the student zone

If you need to subscribe or update your subscription, you can do so here.

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