Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board: EP Video homepage

Welcome to our EP Languages video hub. On this page, we will provide short videos guiding you how to use different aspects of EP. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. 

An introduction to the EP platform and key staff you will be working with

This video gives you an overview of the EP platform and an introduction to key staff you will be working with. 

 An introduction to EP Languages and how it links to the Ontario Curriculum and  CEFR 

This video gives an overview of the EP Languages platform and how it links to the Ontario curriculum and CEFR. You can also click on this link to access a document which gives an overview of how the EP platform links to the Grades 4-8 of the FSL curriculum

A deeper dive into the EP Languages content that we have available.

This video goes into more depth about each aspect of the EP Languages programme.

How to set up your classes

This video gives an overview of how to set up your classes on the EP platform.

How to set a task

This video explains how to set a task and various features within the task functionality which allow you to differentiate

How to track progress on a task and give feedback:

This video gives an overview of how to track student progress and give feedback on their written and spoken work.

An overview of our assessment options:

This video contains a brief overview of our assessment options.

For more information regarding setting up an assessment on EP, including looking at our online assessment monitoring and how to mark an assessment, please click here for a webinar which covers all of these aspects. 

Content editing and creation on EP:

Click here for a comprehensive webinar covering all the basics of content creation. 

Ideas for implementing EP Languages across different learning environments: 

This video gives some ideas on how to use EP Languages in an on-campus learning environment, a blended learning environment and in a fully remote learning environment.

Are you keen for more in depth learning about EP? 

If so, you can click here to watch a series of 4 introductory webinars on demand, which go into more detail about different aspects of using EP. 

You can also click here to access all of our EP Languages 2020 webinars on demand.

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