2023 NZ Chemistry Olympiad FAQ

EP are excited to be hosting the NZ Chemistry Olympiad again in 2023! This article outlines key information for schools running the entry assessment.

When is the event?

The NZ Chemistry Olympiad assessment will be live on EP from 7am Tuesday 12th September - 5pm Friday 22nd September

Schools can choose to run the assessment at any time within this timeframe. 

How do we register?

Participating schools need to register via the NZ Chemistry Olympiad organisation by 7th September.

Information on how to register (including conditions of registration) can be found here.

For any questions about payment or registration conditions, please contact NZ Chemistry Olympiad directly.

For any questions regarding running the assessment, please feel welcome to contact Education Perfect.

How do we access EP?

Students will complete the Chemistry Olympiad entry exam on EP under exam conditions and monitored by a teacher.

Student and teachers can use their existing login details (if applicable), otherwise, login details for users will be communicated closer to the time. 

Check out our Student Login Guide and Teacher Login Guide for instructions on logging in.

We strongly encourage schools to check login and enrolment information prior to running the exam.

Key exam information

  • The assessment will appear in the Assessment tab for teachers and students by 10am September 11th.
  • The assessment runs for 60 minutes, and must be completed in class (in-person or remote) under exam conditions with active invigilation.
  • Students will need to be given the Access Code to begin the exam. This will be emailed to you once the exam has been set up by EP.
  • The exam can be run on different days/sessions, but teachers should change the Access Code after each sitting. This can be done in the Details tab of the Assessment. Please see our guide for full instructions.
  • Students should be provided with a paper copy of the Periodic Table of the Elements and Table of Ions.

Getting students into the exam

  1. Students will need to log in to their Student Zone.
  2. From here, they need to click on Science and then select New Zealand Chemistry Olympiad 2023 under the Assessments section.
  3. They’ll be required to enter an Access Code to start the exam (example below). This code will have been provided to teachers in an email to share with your students when you are ready. 
    1. You can find or regenerate this code at any point if required.

  1. Once the correct code has been input, the student will be able to start their exam. 
  2. Students will be forced into fullscreen mode and will not be able to leave the exam. They'll receive a warning that their teacher has been notified if they attempt to leave for any reason.

Full instructions for students accessing EP exams can be found here.

Monitoring the exam remotely

  • It’s strongly recommended that students use a laptop or desktop computer with Google Chrome to sit this exam, rather than tablets or iPads. Fullscreen Monitoring is not as effective for tablets and iPads.
  • The teacher(s) moderating the exam should have the Monitor feed open throughout the exam (instructions here). The Monitor feed will notify you if any students are having connectivity issues or trying to leave the exam (i.e try to switch tabs/window or minimise the window) and will show if a student is sitting idle for too long. You’ll also be able to overall and individual progress and completion. 
  • If the exam is being run remotely, students should sit the exam while being monitored on a video conference tool with cameras (e.g. Zoom). 
  • Otherwise, normal in-person exam conditions apply!

Download the Chemistry Olympiad info pack (including the above info) here

For any questions about running or accessing the exam, please feel welcome to contact our Support Team.

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