2020 Chemistry Olympiad Exam Information

Here is the key information for the 2020 Chemistry Olympiad Exam.

Key Registration Info:

Entry for the Chemistry Olympiad is free for Year 12 (or Y11) students. The exam dates are  17th - 23rd September (1hr exam). You can run the exam with your students any time between those dates. The exam is based on NCEA Level 2 Chemistry content.

Enrolling Students

Once you have registered for the competition, your school will be set up with a class named "2020 Chemistry Olympiad." To register students to compete in this competition you can add them to the class by following the instructions in our help guide How do I add or remove a student?

If you have a large number of students to enrol, you can send a list through to our Enrolment Team to get added for you. Instructions on how to do this can be found in our help guide How do I enrol my classes?

Exam Information:

  • The assessment is generated by EP and will appear in your assessment tab on Thursday the 17th of September by 8am
  • The assessment is 60 minutes and can be run on any weekday between the 17th-23rd of September.
  • The assessment must be completed in class under exam conditions with active invigilation.
  • Students should be provided with a paper copy of the Periodic Table of the Elements.
  • Students will need to be given the Access Code to begin the exam.
  • Students can sit the exam on different days but you should change the access code after each sitting. This can be done in the details tab of the assessment.
  • The assessment is marked by EP and the Chemistry Olympiad organisation will contact teachers whose students have been offered a place in the training group.
  • Results will be released on the 24th of September.

Certificate information

Certificates will be awarded approximately as follows:

  • Top 10% (above 90th percentile) will receive gold certificates.
  • Those in the 70th-90th percentile receive silver certificates.
  • Those in 50th-70th percentile receive bronze certificates.

Based on the exam marks selected students will be offered places in the 2021 NZCHO training programme. A few places may also be offered to students at schools that otherwise would have no representation in the training programme and also to students who have been part of the training programme in previous years.

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