How do I check World Series results for my class?

You can view how many points your school has collectively earned during one of our World Series events and other competitions through the Competitions tab. You can use this information to determine your top students, compare the results of different classes, and see what awards your school has earned. 

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Locating the results

Start by clicking into the Competitions tab on your Control Panel.

From here, change the filter at the top of the page to include the time frame of the competition you are after.

Click on the desired competition once you have located it and then select Results.

Here you will be able to see the results of the students at your school. You will be able to switch between viewing by students or by classes. You are also able to filter to show specific classes.

To view the global scoreboard for all schools and students that competed in the competition, select the  View full scoreboard icon. This screen will open in a new tab. 


Each competing school is divided into a different category for the amount of students they have participating.

The category is selected for the amount of students who are licenced for Languages at your school. Any classes on a Languages licence will automatically be enrolled into the competition. If you would like to remove some classes to update your category, you can do so by selecting Edit in the Details section.

From there you can untick the classes who are not participating and select Save Changes.

Any points earned by a student before their class is removed will remain as part of the category number. It is best to remove these extra classes as early as possible.

Please be careful you are removing the correct classes before you confirm. Any points that students earn while removed from the competition will not be counted towards their score even if they are added back to the competition.

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