Reporting - How to get a complete record of what your child has been working on

Education Perfect has in-depth reporting that allows you to see exactly what your child has been working on.

All questions answered and activities completed are automatically recorded by EP. This is easily accessible, and provides a clear way to track your learner's work throughout the year.

Through a parent account

To view what your learners have been working on, click into the Insights tab and then the Class Report option.

insights tab

Class report option in the insights tab example

This report shows you information regarding learner activity. Use the filters at the top of the page to see subjects and timeframes. 

The insights tab and the filter options at the top

The Student Engagement section shows a breakdown of how much time your learner(s) have spent completing work on EP, as well as other useful data. 

If you have more than one learner, you can click on one student to see their individual reporting.

There is an Export button at the top of each section that will download the data from that section into a spreadsheet. This feature can be helpful when you need to provide proof of education for certification.

student engagement section of the usage report

The Subject Breakdown section displays data for each of the different subjects that your learner(s) have been working on.

Time Spent only counts time spent actively working on content on EP. Any time spent browsing the platform is not counted here.

Subject breakdown section

The Tasks and Assessments sections show data specific to the work that has been assigned. Here you will be able to see the date that your learner(s) started the work and the status of their progress.

Example of tasks and Assessements section

Recent Activity shows what your children have been working on recently. This includes anything that you have assigned them and any activities that they have chosen to work through independently. 

Tracking what's been assigned

Using the reporting outlined above when you're assigning work can be helpful to know what learners have already worked on. You can also check out some other ways to keep track in our article about scheduling lessons for your learners!

Check out our downloadable lesson outlines - these can be used as a checklist for completing EP content.

Exporting and printing

Most sections on this page have an Export button available, which enables you to download a spreadsheet of the information given.

To print the data shown, you can also click the Print button on the top right at any time. We recommend ticking Save as PDF so you can download a digital copy first, and then print out the necessary pages. 

Through a student account

Your learner(s) can also check their own usage through their account. To do so they can click on their name in the top right corner and then My Usage Report.

showing the account dropdown that includes the my usage report option

Here they will see their personal data and activity. This will be broken down the same way it is through your parent account.

personal student usage report

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