2021 EP Student ‘STEALTH’ Challenge FAQS

What is the Student ‘STEALTH’ Challenge?

The ‘STEALTH’ Challenge is EP’s twist on a cross-curricular challenge for students that incorporates a number of subjects that are available via the EP Content Library.

This challenge comprises of elements from Science, Maths, English, Humanities and Technology and requires students to demonstrate skills across these different disciplines.

Who can take part?

Any student from Year 5 to 13 across all Australian and New Zealand schools.

Is there a cost to take part?


How do students take part?

Like other EP competitions, teachers will be required to register their interest in the Challenge to ensure that students are set up with the correct licence for the subject the resources will be available through. Register your school via this link.

Once registered you will receive further information on how to have your students take part, including setting up any new classes/student accounts if need be.

Students will then need to be assigned the Challenge Lesson from the Cross Curricular Content Library on EP as a Task & Homework activity so that they can work through the various slides for the Challenge and then upload their submission through the upload portal.

Students will then work on their challenge submission and submit it, through the EP lesson before midnight on Monday, September 6th.

When does the Challenge run for?

The Challenge opens on Monday, August 9th and students are able to complete their submission at any time up until midnight on Monday, September 6th.

What prizes can students win?

Prizes will be awarded in two age categories - Years 5 to 8 and Years 9 to 13.

The top three students in each category will receive: TBC

  • 1st prize = TBC
  • 2nd prize = TBC
  • 3rd prize = TBC

Can students work in pairs/as a group?

Yes, students may work together in groups of up to four students. Please note, if a group submission is chosen as the winning entry students will need to divide the prize between the group.

Is there a word limit to the challenge?

No there isn’t - students are advised to be concise in their submission, however.

How will the winners be determined?

Each component of the student submission has a detailed marking criteria in the Challenge lesson on EP. A panel of judges, made up of various subject Global Heads from EP will mark each student’s submission using the criteria. The prize winners will be the students who achieve the three highest marks in each age category.

If there is a tie between student marks, the Global Heads will decide on which student receives each prize based on the overall quality of the student submissions.

What if students have questions about the challenge?

Students can email support@educationperfect.com to have their questions answered by our team.

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