EP & MLTAQ Speech contest 2021

      We are excited to be running the MLTAQ Speech contest online this year through EP.  This contest is organised by Executive members of MLTAQ and Language Network Convenors


      • Start Date: Wednesday 28th July
      • End Date: Friday 17th September at 3pm

      Number of entrants:

      Primary and Secondary schools can enter a maximum of three entries per division per language. When entering immersion students into the division above their current year level, schools may enter up to 3 immersion students and 3 mainstream students in that division.

      Where can I find the speech tasks:

      • The speech tasks for each category and language can be found in a folder in the EP Content library called EP MLTAQ Speech Competition 2021. This folder is in the Education Perfect content section of the Content Library. When you click on the folder you will find the lessons for each category with the relevant task

      Submission of Speeches

      1. In order to enter this competition, both you and your students need an Education Perfect account. Click here to register for a free teacher account. Click here for a guide on how to get your classes set up if they are not already. 
      2. We recommend setting the competition lesson as a task so that it is easy for your students to find. Here is a link to an information page about how to assign a task. The competition lesson will be available in the EP content library for the duration of the competition. 
      3. The students submit the video of their speech through the speech competition lesson.
      4. The video should be in MP4 format. They can upload it through the lesson. If it is over 400mb, we would recommend that students upload it to YouTube or another video hosting site first and then copy the link into the lesson. There is a space both to upload it or write a link in the lesson. 

      Instructional webinars:

      EP will be running a webinar on Wednesday 18th August at 7pm AEST. This will go through all the information you need to know about getting your students set up to submit their speeches for the event. If you can't attend at the given time, you can register for the webinar anyway and you will be sent a recording.  Click here to register for the webinar. 

      Information about the speeches:

      • Students from Years 4 to 9 have guided speeches where they fill in the gaps themselves, and Years 10, 11 and 12 and Background Speaker divisions write their own speeches.
      • See the speech submission section of the lessons for the speech topics. 
      • For Years 11 and 12 and Background Speaker divisions, speeches must be the original work of the contestant (i.e. written by the student). The degree of assistance given by teachers or background speakers should be limited to the correction of grammatical errors or the marking of minor alterations for the sake of continuity.
      • If palm cards are used students cannot receive higher than a bronze award.
      • Props and costumes may not be used. However, culturally appropriate presentation and delivery are still important factors in the adjudication of each contestant. 

      Important things to note about divisions:

      • You will find the task for each division in the lesson within the EP content library. The divisions differ a little bit between languages. 
      • The number of competitors is limited to 3 entrants per division.
      • Students who are currently participating in an immersion program may enter the contest but must do so in the division above their current year level (e.g. If a student is studying French immersion in Year 8, they must compete in the Year 9 competition).
      • IB Languages B students (SL or HL) also participate in the division above their current year level. This does not apply to year 12 students.
      • In cases where students are learning a language other than those offered by their school, they may be entered as a miscellaneous student.

      Task requirements:

      The task requirements for each language vary across each language. Please check the lessons in the EP content library for the specific task requirements for your language. 

      If you have any questions regarding the tasks, please feel free to contact the convenors for each language directly. Here are their contact details:


      Background speakers are ineligible to compete in non-background speaker divisions. Background speakers are defined as 

      • Contestant’s mother and/or father’s first language is the language of the division


      • Contestant has completed between 1 to 2 years of compulsory education in country

      Special conditions of entry:

      The wearing of school uniforms is compulsory for all students in both primary and secondary sections unless their school does not have a uniform (Eg Distance Education)


      • The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Students will be placed in the categories of Elite, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Credit.
      • All contestants will receive a Participation Certificate. These will be available online and can be downloaded by teachers and presented to students at their own school following the contest. Please note that certificates will not be posted out to schools.


      • Please note that no one other than the MLTAQ judges will see your students' work - it will not be shared publicly in any domain. 
      • Please click here for more information about the EP Privacy policies

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