How do I give my students feedback on Smart Lessons I haven't assigned as a task?

Smart Lessons in Education Perfect include the capability for students to give self-marked extended responses. You can review their work and give them feedback on their free-form answers from the Control Panel.

If you've assigned the Smart Lesson as a task, it's easier to see their results directly from the task. For more information, see  How do I give my students feedback on their extended responses?

Open Student Usage & Data from the Control Panel. 

Click on a Smart Lesson which has been completed by students recently.

Here, scroll down to Section Details and expand any of the Extended Response sections, indicated by a blue circle containing a pencil. 

Click View Answers to review and give feedback on your students' answers.

Each student's answer to each question will be listed on the left hand side. 

Click a student's name to see their attempt(s) in the context of the question.You can then type a comment and/or give them a star rating on their answer. 

You also have the option to request that a student do the question again by checking the Require Resubmission box. 

Select Submit. When the student next goes into the Smart Lesson they will see your feedback. 

If you would like students to receive your feedback in an email, and we have email addresses linked with your students' accounts, leave the Email Student box checked.

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