EP Languages Regional Champs 2020

EP Languages Regional Champs 2020 A4 Poster

What are the EP Languages Regional Champs?

The EP Languages Regional Championships are a set of competitions where languages students can compete against other students in their region and earn points from completing all languages content. It is a great way to engage students in their learning. 

When are the EP Languages Regional Champs taking place? 

The championships will take place from the 28th July - 4th August. They will begin and end at 12 noon (for each respective regions). 

I do not have access to EP Languages. How do I create an account? 

Click here to create a free teacher account and sign up for the competition. Click here for more information on how to enrol students. 

My students already have accounts - what do I need to do?

If your students have an active languages account, they will automatically be enrolled for the competition - so you don't need to do anything to get them set up.

Can I enrol additional students?

Yes, you are welcome to enrol additional students free of charge. For more information on how to set up your classes, click here. 

How do my students access the competition? 

  1. Log in to EP
  2. Click on the Competitions tab in the Student Zone, choose the relevant regional competition and click on compete.

Other information about the competition: 

  • Certificates are not generated for this competition - Click here for some templates if you would like to create your own. 
  • The top class in each state will win a $100 pizza party (determined by average score per student), and there will be a $20 Random GiftPay voucher draw for five students who earn 500 points or more.

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