How do I navigate to EP Studio?

EP Studio is our brand new authoring tool, which is now available on the Education Perfect platform. With EP Studio you can create a wide variety of resources using our content creation tools.

Navigate to your Content Library.

Ensure that you have the Content Library set to Edit. Then select  Smart Lesson or Exam, depending on what content you would like to create.

Select the different question types that you would like included and then  Start Building! to confirm.

The Vocabulary question type will only be available for Languages subjects.

From there, you will now be in EP Studio.

From here, you can choose to use question templates, or choose to build your own slides. If you choose to build your own slides, you will be able to drag and drop components into the slide or question.

If you would like more information on formatting your slide or question, you can refer to our article - How do I format questions in EP Studio?

Once you are happy with the slide or question, select the  Save Slide option, name the question, and then click Exit Editor.

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