EP Humanities Championships 2020 - Round 2

This article explains the main points of the invitation only Round Two of the global EP Humanities Championships.

This event is free for all students and schools invited to take part.

What is the EP Humanities Championships World Series Event?

If you have been invited to this Round Two event of the EP Humanities Championships then it is likely you have already competed in the Championships and know all about it. For a full description of the Championships click here.

What is Round Two of the Humanities Championships?

Round Two is a 30 minute or 45 minute assessment including questions from Geography, Geography Skills, History, History Skills, Economics and Business. There are 2 assessments, one for Year 7 and 8 students, which is a 30 minute assessment with a range of questions. Then the other assessment is for Year 9 and 10 students, which is a 45 minute assessment with a range of questions.

The assessments are designed to assess students on the content they would have been exposed to during the EP Humanities Championships. It is an opportunity for students to really showcase what they have learnt and another opportunity to celebrate their learning.

When does Round Two run?

At the conclusion of the Championships, where students learn Humanities content, students will then sit the assessment to demonstrate what they have learned. The assessment will run between 24th and 26th of June after the EPHC has finished, which runs from 16 - 23 June.

The teacher in each school can decide the exact time and day within this 24th to 26th June range when the students sit the assessment. It can of course be outside of traditional school hours but does need to be within those dates so that EP can perform the analysis of results over the July break.

How do I enrol students?

To get your class or school set up for round two of the competition, 2 classes will be set up in your school. There will be one class for Year 7 and 8 and another class for Year 9 and 10. These classes will be set up by EP, you just need to let us know which students or classes should be enrolled in each one by emailing chris.higgins@educationperfect.com

How does the point scoring system work

EP will assign the assessment to the two classes once the students are enrolled in each of the 2 corresponding classes. You just need to let us know exactly what date and time you want the assessment to run and we will do the rest. Just email chris.higgins@educationperfect.com

How do my students access the assessment?

Points are earned for each question answered correctly. The more questions a student answers correctly, the more points they will earn.

A results analysis will be sent to the teachers in each school once students take part. The analysis will also highlight particular areas of strength for students.

EP will also contact each competing school to inform them of the highest performing school overall and the winning student.

Where can I find the certificates for Round 2?

Teachers can download and issue certificates by using the templates here.

What are the rules?

  • Students need to sit the Round Two assessment after the EP Humanities Championships have ended on the 23rd of June. The Champs provide the opportunity to learn the content. Then Round Two is the opportunity to showcase what students have learned.
  • Students should sit this assessment between the 24th to the 26th of June.
  • The assessment will last no more than 30 or 45 minutes depending on year level of the students. 30 Minutes for 7+8, 45 minutes for 9+10.
  • Teachers will need to enrol the students in a class to take part.
  • Teachers will need to assign the assessment to that class and set it to run at sometime within the 3 days 24th to 26th June.
  • Assessment results will be provided to the teachers in each school that competes at the conclusion of the event.
  • The results will show teachers what students have learned, any areas of strength and any areas for development.
  • Students must complete the assessment in full screen mode to prevent any cheating. Any student deemed to have left full screen mode will be disqualified.
  • The assessment will have a unique access code for students to enter the assessment.
  • At the conclusion of the event teachers will be sent results for their school and the overall winner from all of the schools which take part will be announced.

How do I check my students' progress?

You can view your students’ progress during and after the competition by going to ‘Assessments’ clicking on the assessments named ‘Round Two Humanities Competition Year 7+8’ or ‘Round Two Humanities Competition Year 9+10’ then clicking on the progress tab to see their results.

Please note this will only show you the results for your students. EP will notify each school at the end of Round Two which school was the overall winner with the most points.

How do I check the progress of other schools?

Please note you will only see the results for your own students by looking at the assessment. EP will notify each school at the end of Round Two which school was the overall winner with the most points.

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