Ideas for using EP when returning to school after lockdown

This article offers some ways in which you can use EP effectively following an extended period of lockdown.


  • You can set different tasks for different students if students have come back from lockdown having completed different quantities of work. Click here for a help guide on how to assign specific tasks for specific students. 
  • You are also able to assign different sections of a lesson to different students. Click here for more information on how to do this. 
  • Students can use EP to catch up on a topic that they might have missed.
  • Post lockdown you can assign a quiz or one of our prebuilt assessments on a topic to see where students are at. Following completion of the quiz or assessment, students will be assigned lessons in areas where they need more support, this happens automatically with our recommended tasks function. 

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Use EP data to facilitate planning and make the most of the class time you have available:

  • Use EP data from tasks and assessments that students have completed to plan your next steps for your classes and different groups within your classes. This data will show you areas where students are having difficulty and potentially need more teacher input and practice. 
  • Use EP data to facilitate 1-1 time with students or small groups with the teacher. This will help to maximise the time you spend 1-1 with students or small groups as you can target the focus of this time to their specific needs. 
  • This help guide shows how you can access this data when students have completed a task. 
  • This help guide shows how you can access this data when students have completed an assessment. 


Use EP as part of a station rotation activity

  • Station rotations require students to rotate through a number of different workstations in groups, usually at least one of these stations can be a digital station. EP can be a great choice for the digital rotation as students can work independently on a task that is relevant for their level. 
  • Station rotations are great if you have limited access to devices or if you simply want to break up class time ensure that your learners get to experience a wide variety of learning activities.
  • Click here for some ideas on how you might structure station rotations.

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  • Creating competitions on EP is a great way to motivate and engage students - especially if students are coming back after an extended period of being away. 
  • You can set up competitions within a class, between classes or year levels or even over the whole school. 
  • Also look out for our EP competitions which take place regularly.

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  • Free up class time and your own marking time by assigning assessments for students to complete from home outside of class time through the EP platform. You can use our security settings and monitor students if they are working on an assessment outside the classroom. 
  • You can assign one of our pre-built assessments or create your own assessment with our content editor. You can also assign a quiz based on a selection of questions from any of our existing lessons within the content library. 

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Teacher feedback and peer review:

  • For automatically marked questions, EP provides instant real time feedback for students so you can use precious class time for interactive and practical activities. 
  • You can provide written and recorded feedback on long answer and recorded questions, once again to free up class time for interactive and practical activities. Click here for a help guide on how to give feedback on extended responses. 
  • You can use our Peer review function to facilitate students giving feedback on each others' work where appropriate. This will encourage them to interact with what others have done and learn from their peers. It will also save you time. 

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More fun ideas: 

Click on this link for some more fun ideas about how to use EP in the classroom.

For more information, please get in touch with or contact your local EP representative. 

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