EP Humanities Championships 2020

This article explains the main points of the annual global EP Humanities Championships. 

This event is free for all students and schools!

What is the EP Humanities Championships World Series Event?

The EP Humanities Championships (EPHC) are a free event to celebrate students of all year levels and varying strengths, and the extensive range of EP Humanities and Social Sciences content. Students can be enrolled on EP Humanities/Social Sciences for free and take part in the Championships, even if they don’t currently subscribe to EP Humanities and Social Sciences. 

Students complete any Humanities and Social Sciences resources and activity on EP to earn points towards the competition. By learning and revising curriculum-aligned content on EP students amass points and prizes will be awarded for students with the most points. Your students and school can earn their place on our global leaderboard!

What content is in the EP Humanities Championships?

The EPHC allows students to complete any lesson or resource from EP Humanities and Social Sciences. This includes Geography, Geography Skills, History, History Skills, Economics and Business, and for students in Australia - Civics and Citizenship. This also includes all our new resources such as our World War I, World War II and Industrial revolution Units and all new Year 7 Australian Civics and Citizenship Unit. Check them out at the following links - WWI, WWII and Industrial Revolution resources. All new Civics and Citizenship. For New Zealand NZC Level 5 - here

When are the EP Humanities Championships?

The EPHC runs from 16 - 23 June. Students complete any Humanities and Social Sciences activity on EP during this timeframe to earn points. The competition kicks off at 6pm NZST / 4pm AEST / 6am GMT; students can start earning points from this time.

When are the other World Series Events?

There are five EP Championships throughout the year (and they are all free for students to participate). The other four are:

  • EP English Championships 3 - 10 March
  • EP Languages Championships 14 - 21 May
  • EP Science Championships 18 - 25 August
  • EP Maths Championships 1 - 8 September

How do I enrol my students?

To get your class or school set up for a competition, follow the instructions in our article: How do I enrol my classes? This article will explain what information we need to enrol your students. All enrolments for the competition are completely free of charge!

My students already have accounts - what do I need to do?

If your students already have EP accounts, there is nothing more you need to do - they will automatically have access to the competition, regardless of whether they are specifically enrolled in a Humanities class or not.

How do my students access the competition?

  1. Log in to EP
  2. Click on the Competitions tab in the Student Zone, choose the EP Humanities Championships and click on compete 

How does the point scoring system work?

Points are earned toward a competition by completing work in the relevant subject. These competition points are separate to full-year points. Any work that students have already learnt outside of the competition can be completed from scratch for points during the competition. Student made content will not count towards the point score. Keep in mind that students are limited to 8 hours of using EP a day.

For full details on how the points/scoring system work, check out the full guide here.

What are the prizes?

You can find a full list of prizes for the World Series here.

EP Certificates

For all of our EP World Series events, students are able to earn a certain amount of points, and earn an achievement. Each achievement comes with a certificate to be organised at a later date. In our effort to support sustainability, EP will digitally send the certificates to a key contact at the school after the event conclusion - taking roughly 2 weeks. 

  • Credit Award: 500 Points
  • Bronze Award: 1000 Points
  • Silver Award: 2000 Points
  • Gold Award: 3000 Points
  • Emerald Award: 5000 Points
  • Elite Award: 10,000 Points

EP Humanities Championships Prizes 2020

  • 1st Place: $300 GiftPay Voucher
  • 2nd Place: $150 GiftPay Voucher
  • 3rd Place: $100 GiftPay Voucher
  • 4th - 10th Place: $50 GiftPay Voucher

What are the rules?

You can find a full list of rules for the World Series here.

How do I check my students’ progress?

You can view your students’ progress during and after the competition by following the instructions here

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