Using Peer Review to improve long answer responses

The Peer Review function on EP allows teachers to create an automatic and anonymous peer review activity for their students. 

When setting up the task through the Tasks & Homework tab, teachers are able to select Peer Review as an option for delivering the task. Throughout the setup process, teachers are able to determine which students are going to participate in the peer review activity - the only condition is that there needs to be a minimum of 6 students taking part. This can allow teachers to selectively choose which students they want to review each other.

All of the lessons that have been built on EP allow Peer Review to be turned on for the extended response sections, whether they be a long answer response, Scratchpad question or even an upload task. The only sections that will not be able to be automatically turned in to Peer Review activities are the ‘Extra for Experts’ sections. Teachers do have the ability to edit the lesson and make this section compulsory if they wish to make use of the peer review tool with these questions.

View this Help Guide to see how to set a Peer Review task for your students.

Teachers are also able to write their own questions that can then be used in a Peer Review activity. This is extremely useful for exam preparation, especially for senior students. When writing the question marking criteria and a model answers can be included so that the students will be able to view while conducting their review. 

View this Help Guide to see how to create your own long answer response questions with Peer Review enabled.

Teachers are also able to make an upload activity where the students may be required to hand write an exam response and share that with their peers.

By assigning students different sections of an EP lesson, it is also possible to move the Peer Review task within the classroom space and allow the students to explore the content independently in a separate task. 

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