At Home Science Activities on EP

The EP Science Content Library houses a huge range of Science investigations and a number of these require little or no equipment. This means that students can investigate while at home!

In order to keep the students engaged with hands-on Science activities at home, the team at EP have created a folder that specifically houses all of the EP Science Investigations across the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth & Space Science that require little or no equipment. 

For NZ schools, this can be located in the NZC Nature of Science folder, then 4. Practical Investigations, and finally At Home Science Activities.

For any other schools, these can be found in the Science Investigations & Skills folder and then At Home Science Activities.

Please note that any investigation that requires the use of sharp objects, such as scissors or hot water has a very clear warning slide at the beginning of the lesson.

Teachers are able to assign these resources to students like any other Smart Lesson or encourage the students to explore them on their own. 

Teachers are also able to 'hide' this folder from students if they do not want their students to have access to these resources independently. 

Find out more about how to hide content from students using this Help Guide.

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