How do I create content in EP Studio?

We have recently released EP Studio, our new content authoring tool.

Once you have navigated to EP Studio,  you will be able to choose between using our question templates or building your own slides.

If you choose to build your own slides, you will be able to drag and drop components into the slide or question.

If you would like more information on formatting your slide or question, you can refer to our article - How do I format questions in EP Studio?

Once you are happy with the slide or question, select the Save Slide option, name the question, and then click Exit Editor.

Editing existing questions

You can edit existing questions by following the instructions in our help guide How do I edit existing questions? To edit the question, select the Edit slide option.

Multiple question components

Slides can now support multiple question components.

File Upload style questions

It is now easier for you to create questions that allow your students to upload a file as their answer.

The file sizes that students can upload are limited. The maximum file sizes are:

File type: Maximum file size:
Images 5MB
Videos 400MB
Sound 10MB
PDF/Docs 10MB

Adding PDFs to slides

You can now add existing PDFs to your slides on Education Perfect.

Making tables easier

You can now easily add in tables through the rich text toolbar.

You can also adjust the width of each column to suit your needs.

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