Explain the Brain 2022

We're excited to be hosting Explain the Brain in 2022! This event is a competition for secondary school students to promote awareness about learning, brain function and health.

This competition is an initiative of the Genazzano Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences supported by Education Perfect, and Deakin University.

What is this event?

Students are invited to create and submit a 90-second original video or infographic to highlight, explain or promote the theme.

This year’s focus is Positive Coping - Stress affecting the body and how to manage it

Students are encouraged to use interesting and creative ways to communicate their information. Some examples include drama, media, art, text, talking, clay models, music, and demonstration. 

When is this event?

This event begins on  18 July and ends on 18 August 2022

Who can take part?

Entry to this event is free and is open to any secondary student in Australia.

Students who do not have an active EP Science subscription will be provided with free access for the duration of the competition.

How do we sign up?

Teachers should register their interest here on behalf of their school and students. Once registered, the next steps will be shared via email.

How do students compete?

Students will create a video or infographic related to the theme of  Positive Coping - Stress affecting the body and how to manage.

Students will need to:
  • Keep video submissions to a length of 90 seconds or under (including credits).
    • Format: Upload your video as an MP4 file in 649x448 resolution. Maximum 400MB.
  • Make sure the information used is clear, accurate and up to date.
  • Use language and information that is relatable to viewers/other students.
  • Make your submission unique and entertaining - get creative!
  • If students submit a Google Drive file, they need to select share with anyone with this link in order for us to access the file. This is the school's responsibility to organise - due to time constraints, we won't be able to follow up on files that are not shared with us.
  • The submission must be original and any sources used acknowledged appropriately. You cannot use another person’s or entity’s content/creation without their express permission.
    • You may submit additional written information to support your video (maximum of 1 page). This is optional.

Once ready, students will upload their entries through the competition lesson that is set up on Education Perfect. Entries must be submitted by midnight on 18 August.

Are there any prizes?

Yes! Here's what's up for grabs:

  • $300 GiftPay voucher for overall winning entry.
  • 3 x $150 GiftPay vouchers for outstanding entries.
  • $500 GiftPay voucher for the school with the most valid entries.

Competition rules and guidelines

All entrants to the Explain the Brain undertake to comply unconditionally with all Explain the Brain competition rules and guidelines.

Please see the full list of competition rules and guidelines.

Any entry which does not comply will not be eligible for participation. 

Genazzano Institute has the right, but not the duty, to determine compliance with the competition rules. Any video that is considered in part or whole to be offensive, unlawful or ineligible will be removed/disqualified.

Note about Privacy: No one other than the judges at EP & The Genazzano Institute will see the submitted entries. We would contact both the student and teacher if we wanted to use the video publicly either as part of our content or for marketing purposes.

Additional information about our privacy and rights of use can be found here.

For any questions, please feel to reach out to the Education Perfect Support Team.

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