Explain the Brain 2020: Neurodiversity - FAQ

Are your students interested in the amazing brain and its functions? ‘Explain the Brain’ is a competition for high school students to encourage awareness and knowledge about learning and brain health. The competition is an initiative of the Genazzano Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences, supported by Education Perfect and Untapped Group.

What is 'Explain the Brain'?

Explain the Brain is a competition to promote interest and understanding about the brain. Students are invited to create and send in a short original video or infographic to highlight, explain or promote the brain theme. This year’s focus is ‘Neurodiversity.’ Students are encouraged to use interesting and creative ways to communicate their information e.g. drama, media, art, text, talking, clay models, music, demonstration etc. Entry is free and open to any secondary student. Follow these links for Competition Rules and Guidelines and How to Enter.

Entry Tips

Students are to:

  • Choose a topic of focus related to the theme. This year’s theme is Neurodiversity
  • Make sure the information used is clear, accurate and up to date
  • Use language and information that is relatable to viewers/other students
  • Make their video or infographic entertaining to watch / look at
  • Keep video submissions to a length of 90 seconds or under (including credits)
  • Be unique and creative
  • Ensure their entry is submitted by the closing date of June 26th 2020 and complies with competition rules and guidelines


  • 1st: $250 Visa card (or equivalent)
  • 2nd $150 Visa card (or equivalent)
  • 3rd $100 Visa card (or equivalent)
  • Schools Prize (School with the most valid entries) $500 Visa Card

Prizes will be awarded in Australian dollars and exchanged to local currency if winners are outside of Australia. Winners will be announced shortly after the closing date through the EP and the Genazzano Institute websites.


The Judges will award prizes based on:

  • Accuracy of information. Facts must be current
  • Effective message about Neurodiversity
  • Creativity and innovation in the presentation

The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Prizes will be awarded to the lead entrant as named in the submission. If a group submits an entry, any sharing or distribution of the prize will be at the discretion of the lead entrant/ school (in the case of the Schools Prize).


You may contact Cathy Brandon at Genazzano or Kelly Hollis at EP with any questions you have in regard to the Explain the Brain Challenge 2020.

  • Cathy - Catherine.brandon@genazzano.vic.edu.au
  • Kelly - support@educationperfect.com

The Genazzano Institute would like to thank the following generous supporters of Explain the Brain, 2020:

The Genazzano Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences is an educational initiative to promote knowledge and practice in the evolving fields of learning and brain sciences for students, educators and the wider community.

How to Enter / Guidelines

  1. Carefully read competition rules and guidelines within the Explain the Brain 2020 EP Lesson. The lesson can be found in the Explain the Brain folder within the Featured section of the Science Content Library.
  2. Create your own video or infographic. Your video should be no more than 90 seconds, but can be shorter. Be creative with your presentation- you may choose to use any means to promote your message e.g. drama, media, art, text, talking, clay models, music, demonstration etc. Get your creative friends involved!
  3. If you use resources, sources or references for information, you should include these sources during or at the end of your presentation.
  4. You may also submit additional written information to support your video (maximum 1 page). This is optional.
  5. Upload your entry to the Explain the Brain EP Lesson no later than Friday, June 26th, 2020. If your teacher has not assigned this to you as a ‘Task’ please ask them to do so.
  6. The competition is open to any school student Year 7-12.
  7. The submission must be original and any sources used acknowledged appropriately. You cannot use another person’s or entity’s content/creation without their express permission.
  8. Any entries submitted may be selected to be featured on the Education Perfect and/or Genazzano Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences websites to promote the competition and learning/brain health.

  9. If you have any questions or need help with any aspect of the competition, please don't hesitate to get in touch with your EP consultant or email support@educationperfect.com.

    Note about Privacy: No one other than the judges at EP & The Genazzano Institute will see the submitted entries. We would contact both the student and teacher if we wanted to use the video publicly either as part of our content or for marketing purposes. Additional information about our privacy and rights of use can be found here

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