Student tips for EP Languages Championships

Here’s some tips and tricks to help get you ready for the EP Languages Championships!

Get started with the EP Languages Championships:

  1. Log in to EP
  2. Click on the Competitions tab in the Student Zone, choose the EP Language Championships and click on compete

Earning points in the EP Languages Championships:

  1. Complete any languages content to earn points (note: any content that you have created yourself will not count for points). 
  2. Remember, in a vocabulary list, you have to get a word correct twice in a row to get the point.
  3. You can go back the next day to earn new points on a word.
  4. Revise content you’ve learned from earlier in the year.
  5. Try out lists that you haven’t learned before.
  6. Give a new language that you haven’t learned before a try!
  7. Keep in mind you can’t spend more than 8 hours in one day competing. 

For more information about the Education Perfect World Series, check out this helpful article we have here.

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