How does Education Perfect content align with your curriculum?

Our EP content is aligned to a number of different curricula, including the Australian, New Zealand, NSW, VIC, IB, UK National Curriculum, Cambridge and Common Core.

For each curriculum, we have a separate school-wide Content Library that arranges our folders and lessons differently to align with the curriculum selected. Selecting the right one allows both teachers and students to navigate our content and assign tasks easily.

To help you select the Content Library that best fits your school, we have created Content Maps for our main subject areas. These maps outline the folder structures for each curriculum’s Content Library, giving you a clear picture as to how we align with each curriculum.

If you would like to check which content Library your school is currently using, or add another curriculum to your school’s account, please get in touch with us at

Please note that our content libraries are school-wide. We are not currently able to assign different curricula to individual subjects within the same school.

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