Getting Started with Education Perfect Humanities

Welcome to Education Perfect Humanities. Whether you're new to Education Perfect Humanities, or have been a part of the journey since the beginning, this video is a great way to learn how to get started

For further guidance on how to enrol your classes, assign a task, and checking task progress, click these links to our help guides:

How do I enrol my classes?
How do I assign a task?
How do I check homework completion/progress?

Once you have enrolled classes, feel comfortable setting a task and checking the progress of a task, you can learn more about other features of EP and the ways EP can support different pedagogies using the links below.

For further guidance on using EP features and how EP can support; Assessment for Learning, Differentiation and Targeted Remediation, Peer Review, The Flipped Classroom and Teaching Remotely - click the link to our help guide below

Next Steps – Using EP Features with Humanities Content 
Pedagogical Approaches with EP Humanities

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