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Ideas for combining EP with video conferencing

Here are some ideas for integrating the Education Perfect (EP) platform with video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Google Hangouts & Microsoft Teams.

When assigning a smart lesson, pop your lesson’s Zoom/Google Hangouts/Microsoft Teams video link into the ‘Add instructions for your students’ box. This could be in a lesson you have created yourself - or you could edit one of our pre-built lessons. 

Turn it into a lesson

Record an online meeting/video call for your class focused on a particular learning outcome or essential question. Put the recording into an EP smart lesson, with some follow-up questions for the students to complete. These could be reflective questions requiring long answers, questions where students record a verbal response or questions where students answer automatically-marked questions such as multiple choice or fill in the gaps.

Flipped Learning

Assign an EP lesson that covers a particular concept or topic. You can assign specific sections from the EP Smart Lesson library so students focus on content and lower order questions, which are automatically marked. Click here for more information on how to assign a task.  Use your online meeting/video call lesson time to hold a class discussion or debate on the content covered. 

Work Together

Host an online meeting/video call and assign a lesson on EP to be completed at the same time - students work on the EP lesson while on the online meeting/video call and easily ask questions to the teacher and the class while completing the lesson. They can then also compete against each other live in EP Dash when they’ve finished! Click here for more information about EP Dash. 

Walk Them Through

Host an online meeting/video call and use the EP lesson in presentation mode by sharing your computer screen with your students. This allows you to read through the information slides together to present a key topic/concept and answer the questions together. 

Drop-In Support

Assign students lessons on EP  and then set up “virtual office hours” where students can check in to ask questions about anything they need to. 

Jigsaw Learning

Assign students different smart lessons on EP to become experts on different aspects of a topic. Then create a video conference room for each group, where the students can present back on the topic in which they have become an expert. 

Track Their Progress

Begin each week/day with an online meeting/video call where you touch base with your class to explain the learning outcomes and give an overview of the work you’ve set on EP.  Show them how you’ll be using the Live Feed on EP to track what they are doing in real time! Click here for more information about the live feed. 

Differentiate through tasks

Host your lesson with an online meeting/video call, and then assign different EP tasks to your students supporting their learning needs and allowing for personalised learning pathways. 

Get Competitive

Run a weekly competition on EP between classes, across year levels or within your class. Have a weekly/daily online meeting/video call to celebrate top students and encourage them to share their learnings that day/week! Click here for more information on how to create a competition on EP. 

If you need any further information about any of these ideas, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team here.

Click here for more information on how to set up your classes on the platform. 

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