2021 EP Humanities Video Competition

We are excited to be running the Social Sciences & Humanities video making competition again in 2021! This is a wonderful opportunity for students to consider the importance of Social Sciences & Humanities in the world and apply their existing knowledge.


Start Date: Wednesday 27th January 8am NZDT

End Date: Friday, 12th March, 2021, 5pm NZDT

Who: Years 7-10 AU students / NZ Level 4 + 5/ Lower Secondary / Key Stage 3 + 4 


  • Years 7 + 8 or NZC Level 4 or Key Stage 3 
  • Year 9 + 10 or NZC Level 5 or Key Stage 4 


  • 1st overall: $250 GiftPay voucher
  • 1st in each age group category: $100 GiftPay voucher
  • All entries go into a $100 random prize draw for a ‘Pizza Party’ voucher


  • A PDF poster file can be downloaded here
  • A PNG poster file can be downloaded here

Submission of videos

1.   In order to enter this free competition, students need an EP account. Click here for a guide on how to get your Social Sciences/Humanities classes set up if they are not already on EP. If you haven’t used EP before, you will need to register for a free trial through our website here.

You will have free access to Humanities content on EP for the duration of the competition.

2.   Once classes are set up. Teachers will need to ‘assign’ the specific competition lesson as a task to students and classes you want to take part. This makes it easy for your students to find the competition information and to upload their video. The competition lesson will be available in the ‘Featured’ section of the Content Library for the duration of the competition. Here is a link to finding the content in the Content Library and a link to an information page about how to assign a task.

3.   The students submit their video through the video competition lesson, by clicking the upload section of the lesson.

Please note you must assign the official competition lesson from the featured section to students in order for students to submit their submissions.

4.   The video should be in MP4 format. Students upload it through the lesson. If it is over 400mb, we would recommend that students upload it to YouTube or another video hosting site first and then copy the link into the lesson. There is a space both to upload it or to copy and write a link in the lesson submission. 

Here are some videos which show how to find the lesson and how students can submit their video entry:

The student's video should meet the following criteria:

  • It should be 1-2 minutes long and not exceed 2 minutes.
  • It should answer the question ‘Why is it important for me to study Social Sciences/Humanities?’ This question can be tailored to the specific Social Sciences/Humanities subject area or kept as overarching Social Sciences/Humanities e.g. ‘Why is it important for me to study Geography?’, ‘Why is it important for me to study Economics and Business?’, ‘Why is it important for me to study Civics and Citizenship?’
  • It can be animated with subtitles or voiced-over, but it should be the students' own work.
  • Students can work in a group or individually. Groups should contain no more than 3 people. If a group wins one of the main prizes, students would need to split the prize between them. If they work in groups then they would need to put a note on their video, or upload the names of the students involved in the group to the lesson submission.

Format of video

Students can choose what format the video takes. Here are some ideas:

  • A mock-interview of a Social Sciences/Humanities expert, such as a mock TV/ radio interview. 
  • A role play video where you have a conversation with a friend/friends/family members.
  • An advertisement that incorporates the theme of why it is important to study Social Sciences/Humanities.
  • A song that somehow answers the question stimulus.
  • A poem.

These are just a few ideas. If your students have other ideas, that's great, as long as they answer the question.

What can you do to help prepare your students?

We also recommend assigning your students some Social Sciences/Humanities 'Inspiration Lessons' with useful ideas that they can use in the video. Some lessons are linked to in the video competition folder. You can use the helpful links above to navigate the content and assign tasks to students.

The rules

Here are the rules for the Education Perfect Social Sciences/Humanities video making competition:

  • The video must be the students' own work and not taken from somewhere else.
  • The video must be 1-2 minutes long
  • The video must answer the question, ‘Why is it important for me to study Social Sciences/Humanities?’
  • The video must not contain any offensive language, offensive or inappropriate content.
  • The video should be in English due to the availability of the judging panel

Judging criteria

The videos will be judged by our panel of experts here at EP.  Please note there is also a rubric in the lesson on EP which can be viewed by students. The videos will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Provide relevant reasons why it is important for people to study Humanities.
  • Provide relevant evidence/data/statistics to support reasons given to study Humanities.
  • Ability to relate the response back to how it benefits students’ own learning.
  • The creativity in making the video.

We hope that you and your students enjoy the competition!

If you have any questions or need help with any aspect of the competition, please don't hesitate to get in touch with your EP consultant or email support@educationperfect.com.

Note about Privacy: No one other than the judges at EP will see the submitted videos. We would contact both the student and teacher if we wanted to use the video publicly either as part of our content or for marketing purposes. If your school is concerned about privacy, you can choose the option of students making a video with animated characters or pictures and recording their own voice as a voice over.

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