How do I assign tasks or assessments for classes I don't teach?

You can assign tasks and assessments to classes that are not your own through the Tasks & Homework and Assessments sections. 

To begin with, open either the orange Tasks & Homework tab or the green Assessments tab, depending on what kind of content you would like to assign.

Once on the appropriate page, select  Assign Task or Assign Assessment.

Select the type of task or assessment you would like to assign.

For the Who? section, select All Classes. You will then be able to select from all classes enrolled at your school, not just those assigned to you.

To assign to specific students, you can refer to our article How do I assign a homework task for individual students?

You can then continue to assign the work following the usual prompts.

For detailed instructions on how to assign tasks or assessments, you can refer to our other articles:
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