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Nau mai ki te pae whakamahuki mō ngā Kaupapa Māori ki EP!

The Education Perfect platform supports and promotes the acquisition of beginner to intermediate working knowledge of Te Ao Māori (The Māori World) to assist kaiako (teachers) and their ākonga (students) to confidently develop a deeper understanding of general tikanga (customary values and practices), common kupu (vocabulary) & their pronunciation, kīanga (phrases) and how to use this mātauranga (knowledge) in everyday life. Our courses are regularly updated with new learning material added frequently. 

We currently offer the following huarahi ako (learning opportunities):

Getting Started in Māori

This is an entry level course for students of any age who are at the beginning of their learning journey with Te Reo & Tikanga Māori. It has been designed to be used by students who may not have a lot of class time for their language learning and who may not have a kaiako who is a specialist in Te Reo Māori. We understand the need to adapt these resources for different iwi, hapū, mita, kōrero tuku iho so we can show you how to adapt the content to suit your local needs. 

Click here for a full outline for this course.

Ideas for implementing our Getting Started in Māori courses

  • This course could be used as a learning tool for any beginner level Māori class in your school whether it is primary or secondary level.
  • In a primary or Intermediate school it could be used as part of the homeroom/general classroom programme as a way of integrating some Māori language into your programmes.
  • In a secondary school it could be used in a specific Māori language class whether it is an optional subject or compulsory.
  • In a secondary school it could also be used in a form class/tutor group environment to encourage all students in the school to learn Te Reo Māori even if there isn't allocated class time.

Expanding your Reo Māori

This is an intermediate level course with 10 units of work & a section on wetereo (grammar). Each unit contains vocabulary practice, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing and speaking practice. This course is designed as an extension to our Getting Started beginners' course and is most suitable for those with prior knowledge of Te Reo Māori as well as for year 9-11 students who are learning Te Reo Māori and are being guided by a kaiako. It is great for consolidation of essential learning skills while expanding on sentence structures, overall comprehension and the written and oral use of Te Reo Māori.

An extensive vocabulary learning platform

This is made up of a large variety of rārangi kupu (vocabulary lists) which students can learn in 5 different modes: Listening, Reading, Dictation, Writing and Speaking. This is an engaging and effective way for students to master vocabulary learning. The speaking mode offers a way of mastering pronunciation and practising newly acquired sentence structures or phrases. Kaiako are also able to customise vocabulary lists which allows them to bring in regional kōrero (words & phrases) and mita (dialects)

Learning Te Reo Māori for Teachers

Due to popular demand, we have developed this course for teachers to become more confident in understanding Te Ao Māori and using Te Reo Māori.  For this we have re-organised our Getting Started in Māori course in a way that optimises its usefulness for teachers.

Te Ao Māori for Teachers is organised under the following headings: 

Here is a video which explains the content we have available:

Background about the author of our Getting Started in Māori course

The kaiako who has written this course has been teaching in Māori Medium education for over 15 years in all sectors - Kōhanga, Primary, Secondary, Kura Kaupapa, right up to Polytech, University and Wānanga level.

His Iwi affiliations are: Ngāti Raukawa ki te Tonga, Ngāti Toarangatira (both iwi are based in the lower West Coast of the North Island), Ngāti Kahungunu (East Coast of the North Island) and Ngāi Tahu (South Island).

NZ Māori Competition

As part of our advocacy for the study and use of Te Reo Māori in school communities, we hold an annual Māori Language Competition during Te Wiki o te Reo Māori.  This competition has been a huge success and will take place again in 2020.

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