How do I earn EP Credits?

You can earn EP Credits by completing work on Education Perfect and use them to send stickers to your classmates.

You can send your classmates cheer stickers on Education Perfect through the Scoreboard or within lessons. For instructions on how to do this, you can read through our article How do I cheer people on?

Completing work on Education Perfect

When you select the Cheer option, the following pop-up will appear. From here you will be able to see how many EP Credits you have currently earned and what stickers are available to send.

You can earn more EP Credits by completing work on Education Perfect. For every 10 points you earn towards your Full Year Score, you will earn 1 EP Credit.

For more information on how to earn points you can read through our article How does the points/scoring system work?

Leaving Feedback

When finishing a lesson on Education Perfect you will sometimes be prompted to leave feedback. You can earn 10 EP Credits by doing this.

Your teacher will be able to read the feedback that you leave so make sure that your comments are appropriate.

Playing Dash

Once you have completed a lesson on Education Perfect you might have the opportunity to play Education Perfect Dash. You can earn up to six stars from competing in Dash. Each star will randomly allocate you a prize which can include earning stickers or between 1 and 5 EP credits.

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