How can I view my Sticker Collection?

You can see a record of the all of the cheers you've sent and received from the Sticker collection.

Cheering someone on via a Task

First, start working on a Task or lesson.

Your classmates will appear at the top of the page. Click on one of their names.

Classmate name while completing a lesson

Click My Sticker Collection

Sticker collection button

A list of stickers that you've sent to other students will appear at the top of the page and any stickers you've received will appear below. 

If you've received the same sticker more than once, the number of times that you've received it will be displayed next to the sticker.

Sticker collection example

You aren't able to see exactly who sent the stickers or exactly who you sent stickers to.

Cheering someone on via the Scoreboard

Start by navigating to the scoreboard on your Student Zone homepage. From there, select the megaphone icon.

Cheer button on dashboard scoreboard

Next, select My sticker collection.

My Sticker Collection button on scoreboard.

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