Why can't I see hints on my list?

If you're working on a list but hints aren't coming up, you're in Quiz mode. Hints are only available in Learn mode.

Learn Mode

Learn mode is intended to help you learn new words. It includes the Hint feature, which will let you see the correct answer.

Using a Hint will count as a correct answer, but it'll also break any streak you have. For lists in English and Languages, this means that you'll have to get the word correct another two times in a row to learn it to one star. For other types of lists, you'll need to get it correct three times in a row. You can also skip a word, which will count it as a mistake.

For more information on how points and stars work, check out our points/scoring guide.

Quiz Mode

Quiz mode is used for testing yourself on a list that you've already learnt, to see how well you can remember it.

This mode doesn't include hints.

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