How does the login time limit work?

To ensure that students maintain a healthy schedule throughout the World Series events, we impose an eight hour login limit, after which you won't be able to log in until the timer resets.

How much time do students get a day? 

Students get a total of 8 hours online, which refreshes every 24 hours at the same time the competition began. For example, the 8 hour limit for a competition that starts at 4pm on Monday will refresh at 4pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and so on until the competition ends.

What time counts?

Any time spent doing work (i.e. reading and answering questions) will count towards your 8 hour total. Time spent reviewing peers' answers in Peer Review, browsing lists, completing assessments or sitting on the dashboard doesn't count against your time limit.

As a rule of thumb, using any section of the website that has a timer (provided it hasn't been hidden by you or your teacher), will count toward your total. 


Q: What if I'm working on a subject that's not included in the competition I'm currently competing in—will that still count toward my 8 hours?
A: Yes.

Q: What if I log in and leave my computer over night?
A: Any idle time not spent doing work will not count toward your 8 hours, unless you leave the page open in a lesson where the timer is counting. 

Q: It's the last day of the competition, and I've run out of time to achieve the next certificate level. Can I get an extension?
A: Time extensions of approximately 30 minutes can be given on a case-by-case basis on the final day of the competition, for the sole purpose of allowing students to earn their final points towards the next certification level. Extensions will not be granted for students who are substantially short of the next points boundary, or who want to maintain their position in the overall rankings. 

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