Getting Started in Māori: Guide for participants on the staff course.

Before you start, a few reminders:

  • You need a student account not teacher account.
  • Your student account has access for this academic year.
  • When and how you complete these tasks will differ between schools.

Using a desktop or laptop

Log in using your student account at

If you don't have a student account, you can find instructions on how to set one up in a Māori class by checking out our guide, here.

Select Māori, along with any other subjects that you'll be using, and click Done, start learning!

Click the Māori subject tile at the top of the page.

Either work on a task that has been set for you or else click on Browse all content.

If you click on Browse all content, select the Staff Te Ao Māori Course.

Work through the units at your own pace. You can repeat the units as many times as you like.

On a smartphone, iPad or tablet

Download the latest version of the iPad app below:


Google Play Store


Apple Store

Open the app and enter your username and password.

Choose Māori as a subject and select the Learning Te Reo Māori for Teachers course or a task that has been set for you.

Feel free to work at your own pace.

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