Azure Active Directory Configuration

This article provides information on how to configure your Azure Active Directory instance for use with Education Perfect's Single Sign-On (SSO) system.

Please note: we currently only support integration with the Premium P1 and P2 Tiers.

  1. Select Enterprise Applications New Application > Non-Gallery application
  2. Put 'Education Perfect' in the name field and click Add.
  3. Go to Single Sign-on and Select SAML as the Single Sign-on Method.
  4. Edit the first box - Basic SAML Configuration - by clicking on the edit icon.
  5. Fill in the first two fields:
    1. Identifer (Entity ID):
    2. Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL):
    3. Save and exit.
  6.  Edit the second box- User Attributes and Claims. Edit Name identifier format:
    1. Click Choose name identifier format and ensure it is set to Persistent in the drop down.
    2. Source Attribute should be user.userprincipalname.
  7. Edit SAML Signing Certificate, ensure that Signing Algorithm is set to SHA-1.
  8. Click Download next to Federated Metadata XML from the SAML Signing Certificate box. You will need to send this file to us so we can configure the integration on our side.
  9. Go to the Users and Groups menu and add the users, groups and/or roles that will be logging into Education Perfect by SSO. 
  10. Please send the following to so we can complete the set up:
    1. The Federated Metadata XML file you downloaded.
    2. Azure credentials for a test student and test teacher account so that we can check the integration is working. Please ensure that these credentials match the conventions in place for your other users.
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